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To contact helps businesses increase their KPIs by 15%+’s Back-to-Workforce Study Reveals What American Workers Want and Need to Return to the Workforce provides actionable insights by optimizing how companies strategize, market, and buy media to enhance their recruitment and hiring practices in real-time.”

— Tom Stolfi, SVP, Dom Camera Company

WASHINGTON, DC, USA, October 2, 2021 / —, the digital marketing and research company that uncovers salient, consumer insights then activates them, announces the proprietary “Back to Workforce” study that identifies the drivers to getting hourly workers back to work and how to optimize your marketing and media buying strategy to drive engagement and applications.

“Companies have relied on generic offers and language to try to drive job applicants to apply for their open positions, i.e., “We’re Hiring” signs. Traditional tactics show a disregard for the fact that these are people, not positions. To entice applicants, companies need to understand in almost real-time what workers are looking for and find ways to accommodate those needs or be caught lacking. This study was completed in the span of 30 hours. Companies don’t have the luxury of waiting 2-3 months for these insights.” said Stephen Newman, CEO, at

Due to a variety of dynamic factors – the tradeoff of rearing kids versus working full-time; government incentives; wages and benefits for lower paying jobs; availability of remote-enabled jobs; some sectors still not being fully open; etc. – people have yet to re-enter or fully re-enter the U.S. work force. Businesses are trying a variety of tactics in attempt to supersede these dynamics, but they are still struggling to hire much needed team members. As a result, talked with hiring managers from a variety of industries and sizes to garner their thoughts then fielded a self-funded study using ideas generated during those discussions.

The study’s objective was to use ProspX Optimize™ to understand what would get unemployed and under-employed back to full-time employment. To do so, we examined drivers to action using specific statements regarding wages, benefits, and culture a company could provide to potential workers. With the goal of learning how to communicate with potential workers using targeted creative and media to drive the desired results of staffing more positions and building stronger teams. leveraged a proprietary, Mind Genomics survey engine, ProspX Optimize™, to garner opinions from job seekers. This process yielded three, distinct mindset segments and the specific package of items to offer to each segment, namely Money Driven, Package Driven, and Benefits Driven segments.

Money Driven: They had the lowest hourly wages prior to COVID-19, they are most likely to be single and/or without younger kids. Their ages range widely, they are driven by an offers of hourly wages 15%-25% higher than their pre-COVID-19 wage, they like shift differentials, surge pay, and retention bonuses.
Package Driven: They are on the higher end of the non-exempt wage curve; hence they want a balance of wage, benefits, benefits, and culture. Specifically, guaranteed time-and-a-half over-time pay for working long shifts, want a minimum of 15% higher hourly wage than they earned prior to COVID-19, and choices in their medical and savings benefits.
Benefits Driven: They are likely to be female and have kids, especially young ones. They want to advance in their career, especially since they are trading at home childcare for working full-time. Many have standard benefits via a spouse or partner, so career-path based benefits are of higher value.

Key Implications
Based upon the findings asserts the following key implications: companies can optimize their hiring and media buying strategies in near real-time; companies and hiring managers need to remember that they are hiring people, not simply filling positions; therefore, a generic or one-size-fits-all approach is bound to fail. To download the detailed report, including all implications and recommendations, please visit

“ provides actionable insights then puts them into action. ProspX doesn’t do nice to know work, everything we do is active, not meant to sit on a shelf” said David Charmatz, Chief Research Officer, “We use our best-in-class tools and partnerships to help our clients’ overcome their business challenges.”

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