Portshift Hosts Webinar on Increasing Kubernetes Pod Security with Sidecar Proxies

Industry Expert Discusses the Role of the Sidecar Proxy in Securing Kubernetes Runtime

TEL AVIV – February 11, 2020 — Portshift, a leader in identity-based workload protection for cloud-native applications, today announced a new webinar that will take place on February 13th, 2020 titled “Sidecar Proxy: A Silent Partner for Better Security.” The scheduled webinar will examine how the usage of sidecar proxies increase the security posture of Kubernetes pods and simplifies both observability and traffic management.

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When: Thursday, February 13th at 12 pm Eastern

Presenter: Mr. Ariel Shuper, VP, Product Management for Portshift

About the Author: Mr. Shuper specializes in cloud native identity-based security for microservices. Prior to Portshift, he was the head of serverless security at Aqua and prior to that, he spent 5 years in various roles at Check-Point Technologies, focusing on security posture and network security in public clouds.

The usage of sidecar proxies in Kubernetes originated from the need to address deployment challenges like traffic management, granular microservices observability and microservices fine-tuned security. Sidecars reduce the complexity in the microservice code by abstracting the common infrastructure-related functionalities to a different layer. Following the introduction of service meshes (e.g. Istio, LinkerD, ConSul, AppMesh etc) the insertion and configuration of sidecar proxies became easier and simpler leading to the proliferation of use-cases and deployment options.


Join our webinar to learn about:


1.The role of the sidecar;

2.The benefit of service mesh for sidecar management; 3.Simplifying service-to-service communications policies, and 4.Enhanced Kubernetes runtime security.


“Traditional approaches to security are not effective in providing runtime protection for distributed applications throughout evolving CI/CD environments,” said Ariel Shuper, VP, Product Management, Portshift. “Sidecar proxies are more effective from a design perspective and perform well for zero-trust environments, allowing DevOps to quickly and easily scale security as needed.”


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About Portshift

Portshift is an identity-based cloud workload protection platform that secures applications from CI/CD to runtime. Portshift enables organizations to know which applications are running on their cloud environments, to see and enforce how the applications communicate and to easily find information that is associated with their development and deployment cycles enabling DevOps teams to orchestrate security as part of their day-to-day job. Portshift’s unique model introduces a security framework that is decoupled from network and operations, allowing for accelerated software delivery at any scale. Portshift was spun out of think tank and company-builder Team8. Go to portshift.io for more info.


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