PANELTECH.US Releases Wide Applications of Bio-fiber Composite Material with Indonesia’s Agro-industry Sector

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Bio-solutions Company- PANELTECH.US Corp. Releases Wide Applications of Bio-fiber Composite Material in Collaboration with Indonesia’s Agro-industry Sector

The application of circular economy can be a solution to the waste problem, as well as provide economic added value for the community”

— Mr. Emil Satria, Secretary of the Directorate General of Agro-Industry

PASADENA , CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, February 23, 2021 / — With the pressing need for sustainable development in Indonesia, products, raw materials and resources need to be used to maximum efficiency, ensuring each stage facilitates the creation of a circular economy. Under the common goal, application of PANELTECH.US Corp.’s Bio-fiber Composite Material (BFC) repurposes waste deriving from agricultural, textile, ocean to plastic into a wide range of usable products, aiming to maximize scalability, profitability and flexibly designed to fit Indonesia’s existing demands. Through support of and collaboration with the Indonesia’s Ministry of Industry, BFC can help manage waste, reduce carbon emission, thus addressing the severe impact of climate change.

The Bio-fiber Composite Material (BFC) utilizes wastes from the agricultural sector and transforms them into value-added specialty products. Through the transition to BFC, the estimated reduction of plastic usage is 30%-70% by item with up to 70% reduction in carbon emission produced through plastic production. These green products include flooring, furniture, construction materials and wood-like decorations. Moreover, demands in home and kitchen appliances such as storage containers, cups, trays, utensils, computer covers, cables, fans and toys can also be transformed into BFC materials. Functional products designed with far-infrared technology can be applied in personal gourmets such as shoes, backpacks etc. with options for further functional designs and application potentials. Under the current shortages of hospital supplies and equipment, BFC can also be made into surgical gloves, protective clothing, syringe and mattresses.

The Indonesian government is now in the process of arranging qualified partners such as PANELTECH.US Corp. for the development of a sustainable green industry. Under alignment with UN’s Sustainable Development goals, PANELTECH.US aims to promote responsible consumption and production, immediate climate action and strengthened global partnership for sustainable development. The global market demand for plastic product is ever-growing, but this could also mean more potential applications for the bio-technology. Through the process, consumers are offered a wide selection of green choices, adopting consumer social responsibility; corporates are producing profit under lower carbon emission while waste problem in the agricultural sector is being addressed.

Mr. Emil Satria, Secretary of the Directorate General of Agro-Industry at Indonesia’s Ministry of Industry noted that the agricultural industry uses a lot of raw materials and resources derived from nature, hence diversified application of these resources can have a significant impact on livelihoods of people and overall sustainable economic development. “The problem of industrial waste is a concern of all industry actors and stakeholders in Indonesia, including the agro-industry sector. The application of circular economy can be a solution to the waste problem, as well as provide economic added value for the community,” said Mr. Satria in Jakarta (26/1/2021).

PANELTECH.US Corp. is a bio-solutions company in pursuit of environmental justice. The company aims to reduce the amount of plastic waste in the world and turn it into practical and usable materials that are sustainable and affordable. With minimal carbon footprint, PANELTECH.US uses patented technology to re-engineer plastic and agricultural waste into biodegradable plastic and other sustainable materials, under the goals in alignment with consumer, corporate, and government CSR and ESG initiatives.

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