Omniseal Solutions™ & Saint-Gobain HPS Businesses Join Forces At SEMICON West: Sealing, Fluid Handling & CMP Solutions

Omniseal Solutions’ & Saint-Gobain Semiconductor Seal, Fluid & CMP Solutions

Omniseal Solutions™ will exhibit at SEMICON West from July 12 to 14, at Booth with Saint-Gobain Electronics and Surface Conditioning businesses.

GARDEN GROVE, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, June 24, 2022 / — Omniseal Solutions™, a design engineering and manufacturer of precision sealing solutions and materials for over 60 years, will be exhibiting at SEMICON West in San Francisco from July 12 to 14, at Booth 1129 (South Hall of the Moscone Center), in collaboration with Saint-Gobain Electronics and Surface Conditioning businesses. With all three businesses joining forces, a wide range of high performance solutions for the semiconductor fabrication process will be available to visitors: polymer seals, metal seals and materials; PFA and PTFE fluoropolymer pumps, valves, manifolds, fittings, tubing and accessories; and CMP nano abrasives and slurries.

Due to megatrends that include remote working, growth of AI and electric vehicle demand, the semiconductor sector has flourished in the past few years versus other market sectors. According to the Semiconductor Industry Association (SIA), “Global semiconductor sales have increased by more than 20% on a year-to-year basis for 13 consecutive months, indicating consistently high and growing demand for semiconductors across a range of critical sectors.”

This projected growth has placed some challenges on manufacturing companies and their suppliers, prompting the need for new products or services. This is one reason to visit or exhibit at SEMICON West, an event known to showcase advancements in the electronics manufacturing supply chain.

Omniseal Solutions™ continues to develop advanced sealing solutions and materials in the form of their Omniseal® polymers and metals, and Meldin® polyimide lines. The latest solutions will be shown at the event, which address the need for higher temperature, purity and low wear and friction. These parts are critical components used in manufacturing front end and back end fabrication equipment due to their protection against contaminants.
Saint-Gobain Electronics will feature an array of their ultra-high, purity Furon® line and fluoropolymer-based fluid handling components, including Versilon® high-purity piping and high-purity tubing with simple and complex shapes such as convoluted or corrugated. These solutions solve challenging fluid handling problems – from ultra-pure chemistry and abrasive slurries to extremely harsh or aggressive liquids coupled with demanding process conditions for flow, pressure and temperature.

Saint-Gobain Surface Conditioning will display their high performance CMP nano abrasive and consumable solutions built on advanced nanoparticle technologies under the ClasSiC and AmberCut brands for SiC substrates and semiconductor CMP applications. Advanced CMP abrasives include nano alumina, nano zirconia and nano ceria.

Aside from this event, Omniseal Solutions™ is focusing on other semiconductor initiatives to fully support this industry. They will be exhibiting at SEMICON Taiwan in September. Taiwan accounts for approximately 92% of the world’s most advanced semiconductor manufacturing capacity. Kaohsiung, a city in southern Taiwan, has been attracting major companies to invest in forming a semiconductor corridor, with expectations of transforming this industry.

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