nSure.ai wins Editor’s Choice Award for Fraud Prevention from Cyber Defense Magazine at 2023 Global InfoSec Awards

May 3, 2023 – Tel Aviv, Israel – nSure.ai, a global leader in fraud prevention for online merchants selling high-risk digital products and services, announced today it has received the Editor’s Choice Award for its efforts in fraud prevention.


nSure.ai provides online merchants with an AI-powered advanced fraud prevention solution for high-risk digital transactions. The solution has revolutionized the sale of digital goods and services because nSure.ai does not accept what every other fraud detection provider does. Unnecessary verifications that block good customers from approval should not be the norm. nSure.ai bypasses all that to elevate approval rates and minimize churn, resulting in many more new customers and actual net incremental profit.


“Winners are the most innovative, forward-thinking, and proactive cyber security companies and service providers on the planet who are working to bring tomorrow’s cybersecurity solutions to market, today,” said Gary Miliefsky, Publisher of Cyber Defense Magazine.


“We are thrilled to be recognized by one of the industry’s most important voices for our efforts in the fight against digital payment fraud,” said Alex Zeltcer, CEO of nSure.ai. “nSure.ai’s success is rooted in the fact that we look at payment fraud from the merchant’s perspective, rather than trying to adapt a physical e-commerce solution to the digital goods market.”


About nSure.ai

nSure.ai is a world leader in AI-powered advanced fraud prevention for high-risk digital transactions. We provide a unique multi-tenant platform that empowers our customers with their own AI/Machine learning model. Our platform’s ability to collect, aggregate, and analyze behaviors and data in real-time enables nSure.ai to deliver payment approvals north of 90%, along with chargeback guarantees that make substantial improvements to our customers’ top and bottom lines. nSure.ai currently serves clients across four continents – among them are global leaders in the gift card, gaming, crypto and online travel segments.