NFT Pioneer Paspath Opens Way to Rupiah Payment for Digital Assets in Indonesia

Paspath, the path to your first NFT.

JAKARTA, INDONESIA, January 9, 2023 / — Paspath, a new NFT marketplace that launched on December 31st, 2022, has become the first platform of its kind to accept Indonesian Rupiah (INR) for payments, greatly reducing the barriers for Web2 users to enter and experience Web3 in a secure and convenient way.

Paspath will make a wide range of NFTs available to Indonesian art fans and collectors, allowing them to buy and trade digital assets across all major blockchains, including Ethereum chain, BNB and more. For the first time users can use Rupiah to gain seamless access to crypto-collectibles based on blockchain technology, which has revolutionized finance, digital commerce and daily life.

The team behind Paspath is composed of experienced entrepreneurs who have worked on numerous successful blockchain-based projects. The platform also has partnerships with leading blockchain organizations from around the world.

Paspath has adopted a selective approach to licensing well-known IP, putting measures in place to prevent the listing of deceptive or low-quality assets. The first batch of items released on Paspath will include images licensed from DC Comics, the flagship unit of DC Entertainment, digital identity (DID) assets from leading provider, and high-quality works from many artists.

More NFT offerings will be announced shortly. For example, Paspath is cooperating with famed Indonesian actor and director Jeremy Thomas, who will release a collection of NFTs based on his work and career. Paspath also looks to ramp up support for innovative NFT distribution methods including auctions and blind boxes.

Paspath recently teamed up with famous Bali-based artist Mario Blanco to hold a workshop at the Blanco Museum in Bali, inviting around 30 influential visual artists to learn about opportunities in the NFT space. More online and offline activities are planned for the new year to share know-how, including workshops with Superlative Gallery, a physical NFT gallery, and Metarupa, an Indonesian NFT community that is partnering with Paspath to develop IP for the platform.

Following the launch of its platform, Paspath has issued an open call to all NFT creators and digital artists who are interested to submit their work.

About Paspath

Paspath is the path to your first NFT. All NFT creators and digital artists who are interested in submitting their work are welcome to join the platform. More details are available at

Paspath is Indonesia’s most vibrant NFT marketplace. It is home to a wide variety of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) spanning art, censorship-resistant domain names, music, and collectibles.

Paspath is an ideal marketplace for both hardcore crypto users and casual NFT enthusiasts. Paspath supports fiat currency payments in Rupiah (IDR), helping users avoid the volatility and risk of cryptocurrency prices.

Paspath, the path to your first NFT.

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