News Insights: Security Vulnerability in Qualcomm Chipsets

In response to an NCC Group report that a security vulnerability in Qualcomm chipsets allows bad actors to recover private data and encryption keys from the Qualcomm Secure Execution Environment (QSEE) on devices such as mobile phones and tablets, a OneSpan expert offers perspective. 

According to Sam Bakken, Senior Product Marketing Manager, OneSpan

“The nearly infinite combinations of devices and operating systems used by the general population is astounding, and, every iteration has a differing level of security. Mobile app developers cannot depend solely on the security of the operating systems or manufacturer’s devices. Developers really need to take extra care to protect their apps and operate under the assumption that their app will be installed on and launched on some number of insecure devices. Thankfully, technology such as mobile app shielding can provide such protection, fortifying an app in potentially hostile environments — and in many cases without slowing down time-to-market.”

Photo Credit: oldTor Flickr via Compfight cc