News Insights: NSA Admits to Buying User Browser Data

Wyden Releases Documents Confirming the NSA Buys Americans’ Internet Browsing Records; Calls on Intelligence Community to Stop Buying U.S. Data Obtained Unlawfully From Data Brokers, Violating Recent FTC Order

Washington, D.C. – U.S. Senator Ron Wyden, D-Ore., released documents confirming the National Security Agency buys Americans’ internet records, which can reveal which websites they visit and what apps they use. In response to the revelation, today Wyden called on the administration to ensure intelligence agencies stop buying personal data from Americans that has been obtained illegally by data brokers. A recent FTC order held that data brokers must obtain Americans’ informed consent before selling their data….

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John Gunn, CEO of Token: “Senator Wyden’s efforts are misguided. Instead of working to hinder the critical work of law enforcement agencies that keep everyone safe, he should focus his efforts on the data aggregators. Data purchased by the NSA, marketers, and others is out there in regular commercial markets for anyone to purchase. Nothing is gained by excluding law enforcement from doing their jobs, and people’s privacy is not any more protected by excluding law enforcement from public markets for information. If some of the data being used is obtained illegally, then stop the illegal collection.”