MyLand.Earth Tiger Land NFTs of FIFA World Cup Resurrect the Immortal #10 Soccer Jersey

MyLand.Earth Metaverse™ on is a web 3 platform, a 1 to 1 digital twin of planet Earth with NFT proof of ownership.

Argentine Leo

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World’s Top Soccer Player

MyLand.Earth Metaverse celebrates FIFA World Cup event and announces the release of MyLand Tiger Land NFTs 2022 FIFA World Cup Limited Edition and giveaways

Fans, passionate about the soccer game, must go to and register with your email for the free NFT giveaway.”

— Kevin McInerney

SILICON VALLEY, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, December 19, 2022 / — Myland.Earth Metaverse, a leader in Earth-based Metaverse development, global wildlife conservation and heritage preservation, announces the release of Myland.Earth Metaverse Tiger NFT FIFA World Cup Limited Edition. The release of Tiger NFT limited FIFA edition will be accompanied by 22 free Tiger NFT giveaways for the new members. MyLand also concluded rewards of the MyLand 2022 FIFA Winner-Pick Contest.

The MyLand.Earth Metaverse Limited Tiger NFT FIFA World Cup Collection release will celebrate this world event, that only happens once every four years, with the underdogs and seasoned players and to commemorate the 2022 FIFA Finals with 22 World Cup Tiger NFTs giveaway.

“Let’s remember that the each Limited Edition NFT will be sold with a football jersey on it. The 10 jersey is worn exclusively by only the greatest soccer players ! The soccer scoreboards showed that it was worn by the legends of the game including Pele, Maradona, and Zidane to name a few. It is now worn by Lionel Messi, Kaka, Rooney, and Mbappe” states, Kevin McInerney, Project Leader of MyLand.Earth Metaverse. He adds, “The 10 jersey is regarded as a legacy and is given to only those who deserve this honor. Players like Messi, Kaka and Rooney certainly are the deserving ones, as they brought laurels to their respective countries. Number 10 is indeed the icon and a symbol of excellence in the soccer world!”

Global gamers, application developers, digital content creators, and Metaverse enthusiasts flocked to the MyLand.Earth website on for the July 4th weekend platform launch this year, and now can take advantage of this Eye of the Tiger NFT giveaway.

With a successful platform launch, MyLand.Earth Metaverse™ continues on its path to build the Metaverse world. With a community of content creators that contains online gaming, Metaverse developers and Blockchain users, MyLand Metaverse Project Team launched the first-in-the-market 3D Navigation on the MyLand Platform.

MyLand’s virtual real estate and Metaverse land lot ownership presents investors with a unique opportunity to participate in an Earth-based Metaverse development project. Since its June 28th gaming platform launch, over 80,000 virtual land lots in NFTs were sold in the first month of the launch. Global gamers, application developers, digital content creators and Metaverse enthusiasts gathered to witness the birth of MyLand.Earth Metaverse™ website for a unique digital Earth design, future Metaverse development plan, and cost-effective land availability.

MyLand.Earth plans to create world-class travel destinations and the Metaverse meeting/event space for online users and organizations. Users will be able to enjoy Metaverse immersive tours of such natural landmarks the Himalayas and the Eiffel Tower, etc., or an international concert from the comfort of their living rooms anywhere in the world.
Enterprises and government entities will revolutionize their operations, marketing, sales and customer support in all aspects of their businesses on MyLand Platform. Organizational interactions and meetings in MyLand.Earth Metaverse will move beyond the traditional 2D video communication. Companies will be able to establish their connections and communication for teams and departments, partners and customers to collaborate through fully operational 3D digital Metaverse. This will be a highly engaging and immersive experience, while mirroring a specific location on the Earth.

The MyLand.Earth 3D Navigation System is the first among Earth-based Metaverse platforms. MyLand is positioned to be the technology leader in global Earth-based 3D and VR Metaverse development.

3D navigating allows a much more fascinating and visually-engaging scene of land locations, all delivered by the users’ computer mouse. The investor may want to create a virtual art gallery. It delivers a next-level realism for MyLand.Earth Metaverse, giving a remarkable verisimilitude to the surface of the Earth and stepping forward to a future 3D Metaverse evolution. Global Metaverse enthusiasts are able to view and maneuver about streets, high-rises, mountain ranges, fields and cities.

MyLand.Earth Metaverse™, built on the web 3 platform, is the world’s first Earth-based Metaverse serviced by all major credit cards and crypto payment methods. MyLand Earth-based Metaverse is set to create a 3rd party app development platform that allows application/game developers and content creators to create a 3D replica of the planet Earth, providing an immersive experience for global Metaverse users. Users will visit Earth locations on the platform, to be entertained, enjoy virtual travel, to engage in social networking, and attend sports events, music concerts and manage business activities.

3D is an integral part of the Metaverse world. The MyLand Metaverse™ Platform turns the traditional 2D map into 3D for data visualization, location exploration and geographic analysis. This 3D conversion is the first step for NFT investors to locate real estate landmarks, museums, libraries and travel destinations.

Initiated by a team of seasoned Blockchain engineers, digital artists and Silicon Valley entrepreneurs, the MyLand.Earth Metaverse™ is set to launch its Initial Exchange Coin Offer in Q2 2023.

“Fans, passionate about the soccer game, must go to and register with your email for the free NFT giveaway.” Kevin McInerney continues, “MyLand Digital Earth Metaverse is building a VR and 3D immersive Earth development, including the sports world. In MyLand.Earth Metaverse, sports fans will participate in never before in the Metaverse soccer game with the enhanced upcoming 3D/VR/AR imagery in the 2023 MyLand platform release.”

The MyLand.Earth Tiger Land NFT FIFA World Cup Limited Collection is listed on opeasea at below location. There will be 200 more copies of this Limited FIFA edition for sale in addition to the first 25 free giveaway NFTs:

Global online users can take advantage of MyLand.Earth NFT giveaway with the following two steps:

1. Log on platform, register a MyLand account with an email address. Then purchase minimum of $1 land NFT which can be located anywhere on the MyLand.Earth with free mint (credit card and major crypto are accepted).
2. Claim on the free NFT giveaway in “active-giveaways” channel on MyLand Discord account through the following Discord links:


For detailed MyLand.Earth Metaverse Project information and Metaverse land NFT pricing, and tokenomics details, you can also visit for project roadmap and whitepaper. You can also contact the MyLand.Earth Project Team through social media platforms below:


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