MyCONECT Unveils Transformative Platform Solutions for Seamless Hospitality Experiences in Southeast Asia

Dong Shik (James) Kim, CEO & Founder, MyCONECT

MyCONECT Team at ITB Asia, Singapore

MyCONECT Unveils Transformative Platform Solutions for Seamless Hospitality Experiences in Southeast Asia

As digitalization becomes a standard, hotels need to match personalization needs of guests with speed and ease. We designed MyCONECT to be the bridge for collaboration between products and partners.”

— Dong Shik (James) Kim, CEO & Founder

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA, November 30, 2023 / — MyCONECT, a player in hospitality technology, aims to bring innovation to the Southeast Asian (SEA) hotel landscape through its platform solutions. The company seeks to deploy its solutions comprehensively across hotel properties in the SEA region, with plans for subsequent expansion throughout Asia. MyCONECT’s objective is to enhance guest experiences, operational efficiency, and the overall management of hotels.

The MyCONECT Platform is positioned as a solution at the forefront of this initiative, facilitating seamless connections among guests, staff, and hoteliers for a comprehensive hospitality experience. Tailored to meet the evolving needs in 2024, the platform allows guests to access various hotel functionalities through a native app on their smart devices, ensuring an efficient and personalized stay.

In response to the pivotal moment faced by the hospitality industry, where personalized stays and convenience are crucial, MyCONECT recognizes the limitations of traditional hotel service methods. The company offers a solution that simplifies staff operations, provides self-service options, and automates manual tasks. MyCONECT addresses the challenges inherent in existing business models that may struggle to meet customer needs or digitize operations effectively.

Dong Shik (James) Kim, CEO & Founder, says “MyCONECT is an Autonomous Hospitality Platform at its core. It allows guests to self-navigate from booking to check-out in hotel properties of various sizes”, signifying the automation of operations tailored to guest preferences and property standard operating procedures (SOP) through real-time interface with the Property Management System (PMS).

In the era of digitalization, MyCONECT serves as a bridge between products and partners, facilitating collaboration to meet the demand for personalized experiences. The MyCONECT Mobile Solution, a key component of the platform, provides contactless and touchless services such as hotel booking, valet parking, check-in, service requests, and check-out. The platform offers a modular app structure, enabling hotels to choose features that align with their size and specific needs.

Aishwarya Selvan, Head of Marketing at MyCONECT, highlights the challenges in the hospitality sector related to disjointed operations, and notes “traditional systems often result in inefficiencies, leading to delays in guest services, mismanagement of resources, and a dip in overall operational efficiency. MyCONECT’s Hotel Platform Solution is designed to mitigate these challenges.”

MyCONECT’s Staff App facilitates communication between guests and staff throughout the hotel, fostering a responsive and connected environment. Key features of the Staff App encompass real-time guest communication, analysis of staff performance, and streamlined staff coordination.

MyCONECT addresses the challenge of maintaining personalized guest interactions at scale by automating tasks and communication. This empowers hoteliers to respond to guest preferences, anticipate needs, and curate personalized experiences, fostering a deeper connection with customers.

In addition to its Guest and Staff products, MyCONECT introduces a Valet App Solution featuring Smart Valet integration. This addresses challenges in parking management, offering guests the ability to reserve parking spots before arrival, seamlessly integrated with room charges. The solution also enables visitors to request vehicle standby, adding flexibility and convenience.

MyCONECT’s plug-and-play Hotel Platform Solution aims to provide a holistic transformation for hotels, addressing key pain points. By doing so, the platform empowers hoteliers to stay competitive while delivering enhanced experiences to their guests.

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MyCONECT, a leading innovator in hospitality solutions, is transforming hotel operations and guest experiences with its seamless, hi-tech platform. MyCONECT’S 360-degree platform provides customizable PMS solutions, enabling hotels to offer guests full digital control over their stay. MyCONECT’s products enhance guest satisfaction and internal efficiency, empowering hotels to improve onboarding experiences through effective and contactless communication.

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