Michael Coppola Featured in Article on How to Comply with AA and 2FA Requirements in Criminal Justice Field

NEW PORT COST, CA, USA, March 1, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Michael Coppola, a top internet security expert, was recently featured in article highlighting how organizations that maintain criminal justice information can comply with the latest advanced authentication (AA) and two-factor authentication (2FA) standards.

The recent article is the latest in a blog series on how managers of criminal justice data can protect their information online. This particular article calls attention to AA and 2FA. AA is a system that uses something a person knows and something he or she has to ensure the security of information. Meanwhile, 2FA is a system that requires two forms of ID to access information, according to Coppola.

In the article, Coppola explains that AA is required to access criminal justice information in a couple of situations. First, if users’ laptops’ or mobile devices’ applications/software are able to access criminal justice data, then the software requires AA. Second, if criminal justice data reside in laptops or mobile devices, these devices require AA as well as full-disk encryption.

Coppola also explains in the article the various 2FA options available to mangers of criminal justice data. For instance, users can have one-time passcodes sent as text messages or through email. Another option involves having external USB devices generate codes for users. In some cases, the device being utilized will produce a code or number for every time it is used.

According to Michael Coppola, individuals who manage criminal justice information should carefully evaluate their 2FA options to determine which one would work best for their unique situations. For instance, those who rely on external USB devices should be prepared to replace the devices’ batteries over time. In addition, a user who relies on a third party to handle their 2FA should be prepared to cover the related service costs. Either way, transactions must occur and codes must be produced for users to comply with today’s 2FA requirements in the criminal justice field.

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