MergeRity acquired ISO 27001 ISMS certification

CEO Bae-Young Myung (middle) received the ISO 27001 Company ISMS certification


Another milestone to celebrate with MergeRity. Congratulations on the success of the company!

Receiving certification is quite meaningful.”

— CEO Bae-young Myung


Mergerity has now been certified!

The developer of reality-based immersive SNS and metaverse platforms received the ISO 27001 Company ISMS certification which is a global standard established by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC)

The ISO/IEC 27001 ISMS certification is a global standard that creates an information security management system to guard against the loss and deterioration of important information assets and to set up administrative, physical, technical, and legal protective measures above a particular threshold. Furthermore, it is the most reliable international standard certification program for information security, ensuring that the prerequisites and control measures specified in the certification standards are suitable.

This audit was carried out using the 114 control items in 14 areas of the ST2 on-site audit and the conformity required in 26 requirements in 10 areas of the ST1 document audit, both of which were registered with the TQCSI certification body, which is a joint accreditation body of Australia and New Zealand. It was certified for the ICT and Metaverse Platform Management System part after passing the screening.

The achievement of certification is highly significant for both the company and the team. The conditions are being set up for MergeRity’s immersive SNS and metaverse platform services to join the international market, according to CEO Myung Bae-young of MergeRity.

During the certification evaluation, senior auditor Gong Byung-cheol stated, “The Metaverse platform establishes a system for detecting and responding to infringement incidents through the establishment of a continuous security operation management system such as extensive supply chain security in terms of development source code, automated scan and test security, and source program management.”

The senior auditor commends the business for its accomplishment and was impressed by the management’s determination to lead in enhancing security for international expansion.

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