Marketing Impact by LLYC: the solution to streamline marketing efforts

LLYC and ROI Marketing Institute team up to create Marketing Impact by LLYC, offering companies an econometric management model and ROI evaluation


MIAMI, FL, USA, October 3, 2023 / — LLYC and ROI Marketing Institute have joined forces to offer a new solution for organizations focusing on efficiency and profitability. Marketing Impact by LLYC is part of LLYC’s consulting services, designed to help businesses make informed decisions based on data.

According to the “Deep Digital Journey: the Impact of Digital Transformation on Business” study by LLYC and ROI Marketing Institute, companies that measure the return on investment (ROI) of their marketing and communication projects improve their profitability by 31% compared to those that do not.

Marketing Impact by LLYC is a systematic approach that measures the actual economic impact of marketing and communication projects and intangibles such as sustainability programs, stakeholder management, and human resources training.

The phased evaluation approach will help organizations determine the economic performance of marketing, stakeholder, training, and sustainability projects and campaigns for companies of all types and sizes, foundations, NGOs, and private-public institutions. The management model proposed by Marketing Impact will help organizations generate objectives, obtain measurable economic results, and manage marketing and intangibles as an investment.

Pablo Turletti, a renowned international speaker, consultant, and trainer in innovation, efficiency, and profitability in management, has joined Marketing Impact as CEO. His model for measuring marketing ROI is taught at several renowned international business schools. Turletti believes it is essential to know the economic impact of marketing projects in a visible and quantifiable way, which will turn marketing and communication into strategic variables for the business.

“The fact that you are unaware whether your marketing campaigns generate profits or losses does not mean they are not costing you money. Eventually, someone will have to pay the price,” said Pablo Turletti. “This is why it is essential to measure and quantify the real economic impact of your marketing projects in a credible way. Doing so can turn your business’s marketing and communication into strategic variables.”

“This new practice area within LLYC Marketing is a result of optimal integration between clients’ needs, business vision, and market context,” said Adolfo Corujo, Partner and CEO of Deep Digital at LLYC. “It’s about equipping clients with the necessary tools to plan, execute, and measure efficient campaigns that lead to positive and profitable results.”

Marketing Impact by LLYC strengthens LLYC’s value proposition, aiming to help its clients make strategic decisions to achieve their business goals in the short, medium, and long term.

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