Manetu Signs Odgers Berndston As New Client for Advanced Consumer Privacy Management Platform

NEW YORK, Oct. 5, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Manetu, which recently launched its radical Consumer Privacy Management (CPM®) platform and added over 250,000 user identities as of mid-August, today announced it had signed global recruiting firm Odgers Berndston as a flagship client.

Manetu’s cutting-edge platform empowers consumers to directly self-manage their personal data, including providing or revoking consent to the use of that data. This enables Manetu’s customer to be in greater compliance with new global data-privacy regulations.

Manetu CPM® is the first of its kind: An end-to-end, automated, secure, enterprise privacy management platform. It is available now as a cloud-based software-as-a-service (SaaS).

“The trust of our clients and the trust of our candidates are critical in executive recruitment,” said Javier O’Neil, Odgers Berndston’s U.S. Head of Research and Knowledge Management. “Manetu demonstrated to us that it has the ability to hold their data and thereby ensure that trust. In our search for data compliance partner we found that no other platform performs like Manetu’s, which is able to serve the millions of executives we serve.”

Manetu CPM® connects seamlessly to the data stores you already use, including SalesForce, Microsoft Dynamics, Outlook, Oracle and others. Additional connectors are in development, and custom connectors can be prioritized to meet specific customer needs. Manetu’s advanced machine-learning algorithms scan these data stores for the personal information your enterprise holds, organizes and classifies that data, and pulls an encrypted copy of it into Manetu’s highly secure control plane.

“Manetu is dedicated to keeping your data safe. That is one reason that we built our Consumer Privacy Management platform as a ‘zero knowledge’ data vault,” said Moiz Kohari, CEO of Manetu. “We can’t see our customers’ data. Manetu CPM stores and protects your data, but we can’t access it.” Kohari added: “This unique system architecture is just one more way Manetu keeps consumer data secure and helps our customers build trust with their clients. We are excited to bring Manetu’s industry-leading automation and consumer control to Odgers Berndston and its clients.”

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Manetu, Inc. is the developer of Consumer Privacy Management (CPM®) platform, a groundbreaking software-as-a-service offering end-to-end management of consumer data privacy and consent. Manetu was founded and is led by industry veterans who have created and supported platforms that control hundreds of billions of dollars in asset movements in markets around the world.