Man Marries His Artsy Monke NFT After Being Forced to Choose Between His Girlfriend and His NFT Collection

Artsy Monke 78/10000. Oil Painting. Apple and Snake

WILMINGTON, DELAWARE, USA, April 1, 2023/ — In an unprecedented event, Alec Luth Cast, a 29-year-old NFT enthusiast, has married his prized Artsy Monke NFT after being given an ultimatum by his girlfriend. Cast claimed that he couldn’t bear the thought of parting with his growing collection of Artsy Monke NFTs, which he believes to be the next big thing in the digital art world.

The wedding ceremony took place in a private Los Angeles venue, attended by a small group of friends, family, and fellow NFT aficionados. The groom wore a custom-designed suit featuring a print of his beloved Artsy Monke NFT, while the bride – or rather, the digital screen displaying the NFT – was adorned with a miniature veil.

Artsy Monke NFTs are a unique collection of 10,000 limited edition, machine-drawn digital monkeys, each with its own distinct combination of features and accessories. The collection has gained significant popularity among NFT enthusiasts and has been featured in prominent digital art publications. Collectors are drawn to the vibrant colors, intricate details, and the sense of individuality that each Artsy Monke exudes.

Cast first discovered the Artsy Monke NFT collection in early 2022 and quickly became enamored with the digital art. He began investing heavily in the collection, believing that it would provide significant returns in the future. His dedication to the collection, however, began to take a toll on his relationship with his girlfriend, who ultimately presented him with an ultimatum: her or the NFTs.

Faced with this difficult decision, Cast chose to remain loyal to his Artsy Monke NFTs and to take his commitment to a new level by marrying one. The couple’s honeymoon plans are said to include a virtual tour of the Metaverse, where they will explore various digital art galleries and attend exclusive NFT events.

While the legality of the marriage is still being questioned, Cast’s devotion to his Artsy Monke NFTs has undoubtedly brought new attention to the collection. It remains to be seen whether this unconventional union will inspire other NFT enthusiasts to follow suit.

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