Chairman and CEO Nico Cuevas (left) and Executive Vice-President Anthony J. Parkinson in the pilot project plant at Mesa, Arizona.

Strengthening of Buy US policy will help American businesses grow

Graphite is considered to be a critical mineral. That means it’s important to national security. Urbix is dedicated to helping secure the US graphite supply chain.”

— Urbix Chairman, Nico Cuevas

PHOENIX, AZ, UNITED STATES, February 16, 2021 / — A policy to support the manufacture of things Made in America can make a situation where going into production creates what is essentially a guaranteed sale.

Urbix, Inc of Mesa, Arizona is a good example of a company that will benefit from the recently enhanced Buy US policy. Already poised to become price and quality competitive in an international market dominated by China, the executive order signed January 25 of this year makes it so that if an American company has product to aid in the manufacture of another American product available, US manufacturers must buy it. That’s a condition that seems likely to increase the confidence of those banking on a company’s future success.

“At present a large percentage of the world’s graphite is purified in China,” says Nico Cuevas, Urbix’s Chairman and CEO.

Present day electric cars can not be manufactured without purified graphite. That means that, until American sources of graphite purification are secured, there can be no truly 100 percent American made electric car.

“Not only is the Urbix product purified right here in the United States, it’s much better,” says Anthony J. Parkinson, executive vice-president who has had a long career in international finance. “Chinese graphite can be questionably sourced. It is also purified using methods that are, quite frankly, terrible for the environment.” As well, these methods are very far from what consumers are imagining when they buy a car they feel will be environmentally superior.

“Graphite is considered to be a critical mineral,” says Cuevas. “That means it’s important to national security. Urbix is dedicated to helping secure the US graphite supply chain.”

A strong and real focus on Made in America and even Supply America will mean even more jobs for Americans and, with it, a greater demand for graphite.

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Urbix, Inc. is creating radical change in the way natural graphite is refined and commercialized. The company specializes in all aspects of the graphite value chain. Urbix’s advanced technology includes cost and environmentally aware purification methods and significant intellectual property developments in a wide range of applications.

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