Liveplex’s payment addition makes payments easier and smooth

Companies are transitioning to easy-to-use Web 3.0 tools

Now pay with Credit Cards and sign up for wallets with just an Email Address

PALO ALTO, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, July 19, 2022 / — Liveplex propagates the consumer-friendly use of Web3.0 technology. The use of Web3.0 technologies will go mainstream as more platforms integrate the use. Mass market players and luxury brands alike are launching their Web3.0 transformations at a fast pace even as the vast majority of consumers still struggle to make sense of the underlying blockchain technology. While the current hype might be fueled by crypto millionaires and Discord-obsessed Gen-Z users, the interesting thing about these tokens is the tech they run on. The blockchain reveals a broader promise as a vehicle to bypass the platform-centric marketing world of Web2 and reclaim ownership of their digital consumer relationships.

With that in mind, products powered by Liveplex can create their wallets by just typing an email ID. Moreover, to make adoption easier, consumers can now pay with credit card as well as crypto.

Arunabh Das Sharma, the Chief Executive Officer of Liveplex says, “While discussing the consumerization of the underlying Web3 technology, brands can start to strengthen token connections of your products or services in small ways.”

He continues. “Wading into the waters of Web3 will seem daunting at first. Over time, brands must figure out what works for them through trial, error and observing what succeeds and fails for others.”

Liveplex makes it easy for brands to adopt the new internet frontiers by providing opportunity to introduce a new digital dimension of their products to their customers in a seamless integration.

“Liveplex integration adds a more personal and productive experience for brands as it lends their customers an authentic, ongoing way to transition into Web3.0 usage,” says Mira Kaul Chief Virtual Officer

She adds, “Liveplex’s consumer-friendly features appeal to a brand’s mindset as they foster community. It also makes the integration relatively easy to embrace. Liveplex’s suite adds features that drive additional revenue for the brand that issues them for the consumers who buy them”

Liveplex helps brands leverage Web3.0 infrastructure to build the future of their customer experiences in the next generation of the internet.

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