Linkcard Enables Creation of Stunning Digital Business Cards

Silicon Valley, California – Linkcard LLC is excited to announce the launch of, a next generation platform that gives companies the freedom to create, design, centrally-manage and customize their digital business cards exactly the way they like. was especially conceived as an Enterprise-grade Digital Business Card Builder. We set ourselves the objective of reinventing the old-fashioned and by now obsolete paper experience by replacing it with a modern, appealing, powerful, contactless yet simple to use format that can be fully customized for achieving what matters most to any company and professional: “an extraordinary first impression!”. Here’s a brief video Product Tour.


Your business card is who you are, it’s your brand, it’s your professional identity, it’s your essence, it’s the first impression in a digital tsunami reality where fighting for attention has become a survival need. Like a dish beautifully presented in a restaurant, your new generation digital business card must open the beholder’s appetite, it’s the packaging of your value proposition, it’s the gateway to new business opportunities, it’s what people perceive of you!


Unlike other solutions in the market, Linkcard is the only business card enterprise-grade builder that allows for deep customization, hence meeting the branding and standards needs of enterprise users.


“We are proud to be reinventing the business card experience while at the same time giving companies control over design and management of the employee business card & signature so to guarantee and extraordinary first impression! Beware not to fall in love!!!” said Roni Grosfeld, co-founder.



Linkcard is the first platform, on a global level, that gives you the liberty to create, design, manage and personalize Digital Business Cards exactly the way you want. Linkcard is both eco and pocket-friendly; it is also a powerful communication format, a highly efficient networking tool and ideal for harmonizing institutional branding. Hundreds of companies already enjoy Linkcard, among them several multinationals.