LATOKEN, a Leading Crypto Exchange, Acted as an IEO and Listing Partner for BH MINING CULTURE THEME PARK (BHCT) Project

GRAND CAYMAN, CAYMAN ISLANDS, May 11, 2023/ — LATOKEN is thrilled to announce the launch of the Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) of BH Mining Culture Theme Park (BHCT) Project on its global crypto exchange. This blockchain-based ultra-simple payment system platform aims to create new values through the social economy, realize a healthy and hopeful world, and contribute to human society through new future creative innovation.

BHCT provides a unique and innovative experience by combining technology with nature. The theme park offers VR & AR experiences, AI experiences, and drone & blockchain experiences that enable users to travel virtually, experience new jobs, and see museum relics. BHCT also provides various convenient facilities such as recreational facilities, medical facilities, and hotels, providing programmed contents that increase added value linked to local residents.

In addition to the mining theme park, BHCT also offers convenient payment and reservation solutions, outpatient treatment, premium VIP health checkups, stem cell procedures, immune cell procedures, skin beauty, and plastic surgery, creating a one-stop shop for hospital reservations and payments. BHCT aims to revolutionize the payment system culture in the Web 3 era through seamless system integration with Mastercard, which has the world’s best payment solution.

BHPAY, a BHCT platform, is being completed, and it offers an innovative payment system that integrates with Mastercard. Users can earn cashback in PVS tokens of 5% of monthly card usage ($100-$500) and 10% cashback in BHCT tokens on monthly card usage ($501 – $,000). The accumulated BHCT tokens can be used to purchase luxury goods or transferred to LATOKEN exchanges for trading and cash.

BHCT is the native coin of the BH Mining Culture Theme Park ecosystem. The coin is allocated as follows: 74% is provided for mining, 10% is provided for the BHCT foundation, 8% is provided for server management, network maintenance, etc., and another 8% is allocated for research and development on scalability so that BHCT can be used in as many countries as possible.

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The IEO of BHCT on the LATOKEN exchange platform is a significant milestone for BH Mining Culture Theme Park. The company is excited to offer its unique experience to people worldwide. BHCT is poised to revolutionize the payment system culture in the Web3 era and provide an innovative and exciting experience for users and LATOKEN is proud to be a part of its journey.

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