Introducing Atflee: The Company that Empowers Consumers through Innovative Wellness Products

Atflee’s mission is to encourage those who are desperately working hard to reach their health goals.

IRVINE, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, July 8, 2021 / — Atflee is pleased to announce the official launch of its wellness brand – a brand that is specifically designed to empower individuals through its high-tech products.

Atflee is a brand-new health and wellness brand that utilizes advanced technology to support consumers in reaching their goals. The company’s mission is to help individuals realize optimal health while focusing on themselves, as opposed to comparing themselves to others. Atflee believes that once consumers remove themselves from the judgement of others, they can then gain the confidence to reach their true selves.

“Our main purpose is to support consumers in visualizing a healthy body and mind at all times,” says founder of Atflee. “We want individuals to feel like the world is a warm and place in which they can reach their true health potential. As such, we incorporate only the most sophisticated and advanced technology in our wide range of wellness products – technology that enables consumers to experience reliable and accurate data.”

One such technology that Atflee incorporates is Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA). According to the company, BIA sends out a microcurrent which calculates the resistance value to deliver the correct data to the consumer. This body composition measurement is commonly used in gyms and public health centers that employ the BIA method.

“Since the early 1990’s, the BIA method has been widely known and proven as a reliable body composition analysis method through various research,” states the founder. “With our BIA products, consumers do not have to worry about getting low accuracy data – which is frequent with other body composition measurement technologies.”

Additionally, Atflee has an algorithm team that is constantly working on improving the algorithm, also called DEXA. DEXA scans are highly reliable forms of measuring body fat but, typically, this technology is usually only found in professional medical centers.

“We created an algorithm using the DEXA scans into our smart scale so that our customers can find an affordable way to accurately measure their body fat,” the founder continues. “Atflee’s products display body composition analysis values that are most similar to DEXA, which is the golden standard for smart scales. With Atflee’s products, you will be able to get an accurate result of your body composition at an affordable price range.”

Some of Atflee’s products which include BIA and DEXA technology include:

• IGrip2 – Smart Handlebar Scale
• T9 – Body Fat Smart Scale
• And many more to come

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About Atflee

Atflee’s name comes from integrating the words ‘at,’ which describes a time, place, or direction, and ‘flee,’ which means to escape or run away. When these two words are put together to create the company’s name, this symbolizes the ability for individuals to progressively work to get to their desired destination.

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