Interest in Google Search Traffic is Growing Due to Pandemic

Google trends analysis of online traffic by source since 2004 to 2022

google revenue history 2004-2022

Our findings shows that since the pandemic, Google search traffic became ever more important for businesses to generate leads and/or sales.

PETALING JAYA, SELANGOR, USA, July 19, 2022 / — Analysis of Google search data reveals that online searches for SEO and organic traffic-related search terms in the USA exploded by 350% particularly from December 2018 to January 2020 and the growth was steady during the pandemic till October 2021 when covid-19 restrictions were eased, people were slowly getting back to their life before the pandemic and the economy was starting to open.

The findings also show online searches for google ads (Google advertising) have increased by 200% this year.

These findings show that Google is becoming ever more important for businesses in the USA to build resiliency in their marketing campaigns as Google traffic tends to be one of the best sources of leads and sales for businesses with Google ads averaging 4.4% conversion rate for their Search Ads and the average conversion rate for organic traffic is around 2.35%, making these two digital marketing strategies the highest converting digital marketing strategies compare to traditional marketing strategies generates 50% fewer interactions with customers than digital marketing. (Source: WordStream, FirstPageSage, DigitalThirdCoast)

A comment on the findings by Eduard Dziak, Search Engine Marketing Consultant from B2BDigitalMarketers:
“It’s interesting to see how a global pandemic can cause a big increase in online search traffic across the country for companies. From my experience during a pandemic, especially businesses depending on foot traffic to generate revenue had quickly started to transition to online traffic in order to survive. Also, I have seen even the most stubborn business owners that did not believe online traffic works quickly change their minds when there was no other choice – with organic traffic, particularly from Google can become one of the best sources for sales and leads, people and business owners start investing more and more into Google.”

Google saw a huge spike in revenue going from $182B in 2020 to $257B in 2021 increase of 41.15% and Google’s current revenue (TTM) is $270.33 B. (Source: companiesmarketcap)

The post-pandemic is also likely to accelerate this trend, and increase awareness of the general public about SEO and Google ads, as people and business owners are looking for alternatives to make money and grow their businesses. On top of that, with current Ukraine-Russia war and fuel shortage, online traffic will become even more important.

I hope this analysis is useful and insightful.

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