INOVUES Non-Invasive Window Retrofit Triples Glazing Performance at University of Minnesota


Infrared IR imaging shows 19°F difference between the retrofitted window on the bottom and the colder original window on the top, demonstrating it is significantly better at reducing heat loss. Photo by INOVUES.

UMN retrofitted fixed and operable windows showcasing INOVUES’ non-invasive Insulating Glass Retrofit (IGR) system. Photo by W. L. Hall, the installer.

A 19°F Temperature Difference Recorded between Retrofitted and Original Glass Thanks to Non-Invasive Window Retrofit Technology

We were thrilled to learn about this retrofit technology and to have the opportunity to test it on our campus.”

— Shane Stennes, Chief Officer, University of Minnesota (UMN)

HOUSTON, TX, UNITED STATES, November 30, 2023 / — INOVUES, a pioneer in non-invasive facade and window retrofit technologies, is thrilled to announce the completion of a landmark project at the University of Minnesota (UMN). The company transformed the existing single-glazed fixed and operable windows at the university’s Saint Paul Facilities Management Building into insulated double-glazed windows in situ, without replacement or disruption, yielding thermal comfort and energy efficiency improvements.

“Ours is an additive glass technology. It is designed to quickly and efficiently upgrade single and double-glazed windows in place — without removing, replacing, or altering any existing facade components,” said Anas Al Kassas, INOVUES Founder and CEO. “This is an exciting milestone, as we showcase the unique capabilities of our patented technology under Minnesota’s challenging cold weather conditions for the first time.”

With a portfolio consisting of numerous single-glazed buildings, UMN ( sought to improve its energy efficiency and occupant comfort. The university turned to Grid Catalyst (, the climate tech accelerator focused on cold northern climates, for solutions that can advance its commitment to sustainability and emissions reduction.

INOVUES’ patented Insulating Glass Retrofit (IGR) system offered an answer to this challenge. It became the first-ever application of IGR on operable windows and from the interior of the building.

The non-invasive window retrofit project tripled the insulating value of the existing glass and roughly doubled the window performance. Infrared (IR) images showed a 19°F temperature difference between the retrofitted and original windows, confirming considerable improvement to energy efficiency. The IGR system was installed by local glazing contractor W. L. Hall ( of Hopkins, MN, under the oversight and training of INOVUES’ product experts.

Beyond energy efficiency and improved comfort, INOVUES’ solution eliminated waste by reusing the existing frames and glazing. This minimized material use by approximately 70%, compared to traditional window replacement, resulting in substantial cost and embodied carbon savings.

Shane Stennes, UMN Chief Sustainability Officer, praised the potential of INOVUES’ non-invasive solutions: “We were thrilled to learn about this retrofit technology and to have the opportunity to test it on our campus.”

With buildings contributing 40% of global CO2 emissions and 70% of buildings featuring thermally inefficient windows, INOVUES presents a crucial step towards a more sustainable future. For more information on how to achieve better energy efficiency and decarbonization in existing buildings, please visit

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INOVUES makes existing buildings more energy-efficient and sustainable through a range of non-invasive insulating glass retrofit solutions. The company’s patented technologies are engineered to integrate the latest glass innovations; are quick and easy to install; and do not require any removal, replacement, or disruption to normal building operations. INOVUES offers building owners and managers a high-ROI, low-carbon path to save up to 40% on energy consumption, improve indoor thermal and acoustic comfort, and increase the value and sustainability of their buildings.

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