Industrial Safety, Reliability—One CVE at a Time

Claroty Team82’s milestone disclosure count symbolizes the contribution it has made to ensure the safety and reliability of the ICS domain.


  • Finding industrial software, firmware, and protocol vulnerabilities has given asset owners unprecedented visibility into their risk exposure.
  • Now that networks largely running legacy code are briskly being connected to the internet, a proper understanding of risk posed by vulnerabilities is essential.
  • Team82 leads the way in finding vulnerabilities, recently disclosing its 250th vulnerability, a significant milestone a little more than two years into its existence.
  • Claroty’s research team has not only published 250 CVEs—all of which have been either patched or mitigated—but it has also informed vendors and asset owners about the need to prioritize cybersecurity.
  • Team82’s disclosures include novel attack techniques for ICS devices and networks, notably within the domains of cloud, remote access, and targeting of PLCs