IDX Announces Cybersecurity Healthcheck for Organizations in Conjunction with No-Cost Data Breach Services Agreement

Complimentary service provides an “adversary’s view” in identifying cybersecurity vulnerabilities for mid-market companies addressing cyber risks from recent SolarWinds hack, other threats

PORTLAND, Ore.Today IDX, the leading digital privacy platform and data breach services provider, announces its Cybersecurity Healthcheck, a complimentary service for mid-market organizations to get an “adversaries view” of their security. IDX will provide this service as part of its no-cost Master Services Agreement (MSA), which provides organizations with best-in-class breach notification services if they experience a data breach incident.

Following the highly sophisticated SolarWinds hack late last year, more and more companies are facing exceptional levels of cyber risk. Using a thorough scan of an organization’s network, the Cybersecurity Healthcheck identifies security vulnerabilities, in addition to risk levels and recommended actions for mitigating severe risks.

“The implications of the recent SolarWinds hack on the thousands of organizations affected are still emerging, and organizations must be proactive in reviewing their cyber risks and protecting their customers’ privacy. Every information security officer or C-suite executive needs a resource like this at their disposal,” said Ian Kelly, vice president of data breach services of IDX. “We’re excited to provide a security assessment to corporations in the mid-market who face a heightened state of cybersecurity risks in today’s world, as part of our no-cost MSA for data breach services.”

The hackers behind the SolarWinds attack infiltrated up to 18,000 private and public sector organizations – including every branch of the U.S. military and most Fortune 500 companies – causing increased cybersecurity vulnerabilities and threats for companies and consumers degrees removed from the initial targets. Additionally, the fact that the hackers’ malware was running on company networks for up to six months before detection has increased the challenge in assessing the extent of the compromise.

Cybersecurity Healthcheck is provided to qualified organizations by IDX through a partnership with 4A Security and Compliance, a leading cyber risk services firm.  Based on a thorough external network scan, organizations will receive a view of their security vulnerabilities, with associated risk levels, as well as a summary report describing the recommended actions to mitigate these risks. Additionally, they will be provided with access to their proprietary cybersecurity risk software for 30 days.

For information about Cybersecurity Healthcheck, to request your complimentary assessment, or for more information on a no-cost MSA for data breach services, visit IDX here.


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From international, federal, and state privacy laws, data security protocols, and regulatory frameworks to industry-specific strategies and requirements, 4A Security & Compliance helps organizations navigate the cyber protection landscape.  Headquartered in the greater Philadelphia, Pennsylvania area, the company has served clients in the Americas, Europe and Asia.