How emerging trends in office design are transforming tech company Kennected

Office space features such as ventilation, lighting, and even the smell will assist in fostering collaboration.

CEO Devin Johnson and CSO Cody Harvey designed and implemented an office operation system that encourages innovation and reduces cultural collisions.

Our office is based on opening the energy of our talent, offering the opportunity to engage in an open dialogue between leaders and employees.”

— Cody Harvey

INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA, UNITED STATES, January 6, 2023 / — According to Jotform, American employees are becoming less productive due to process efficiency issues that account for most employees’ 10 to 15 hours of wasted time per week. Designing a workspace that is fluid and open is proving to facilitate positive work environments and encourage productivity, creativity, and autonomy.

This relatively new scope of an open office concept is becoming a blueprint of a business’ vision on how energy egresses throughout corporate space. This trend replaces the traditional closed-office feel that separates employees from their superiors. Ventilation, lighting, and even the smell of the office space also lend themselves to creating a canvas for an increase in collaborative work.

Kennected, an emerging powerhouse in tech, understands that consistent innovation starts with the bottom line. Workflow is a method of carrying out tasks to achieve a desired business or organizational outcome. Workflow is enhanced when innovative office layouts are structured according to the needs of the corporate team.

For peak performance, Devin Johnson and Cody Harvey understand the detriment of siloing their teams. Johnson and Harvey developed a unique office operation system enabling optimum employee productivity and decreasing cultural collisions.

“Creating a space that fosters innovation, team alliances, and bolsters positive interchange was at the forefront when designing our corporate headquarters,” states CEO Devin Johnson of Kennected. Kennected has occupied the eighth floor of the iconic Pan Am building in Indianapolis for the last two years. “Our vision was to be inclusive-not exclusive. I knew we wanted to have glass installations, an open kitchen area, and a space to move our bodies–so we dedicated a portion of our office to a mini-basketball court.”

Many businesses are quick to follow suit and understand the benefits of an open-air office plan, like Kennected. “Autonomy in the workplace is everything,” states co-founder Cody Harvey. “Our office is based on opening the energy of our talent, offering the opportunity to engage in an open dialogue between leaders and employees.” Harvey adds, “Our employees are encouraged to take ownership of their work. The results of this pivot in office space engineering are the catalyst for increased efficiency and improved morale at Kennected.”

A positive office environment has been proven to reduce errors, redundancies, stress, and provides valuable insights into improving the workplace. In addition to encouraging conversation and collaboration, openness fosters a welcoming atmosphere. An interior design that features blue, gray, black, and white provides the modern look seen in the corporate offices of technology giants such as Google. Rain or shine, Kennected’s open-concept floor allows for maximum transparency.

The sedentary nature of most business concepts has led to increased obesity rates worldwide. This forward-thinking office concept can promote physical activity in any office environment, encouraging movement and accountability. Side-effects of this structural ideology are proving to have an unforeseen impact, for example, reducing obesity in the workplace.

According to Medical Daily, America has been feeling the weight of the obesity epidemic for years; one in three Americans are obese, and researchers estimate that the impact on businesses is up to $1,000 to $6,000 in costs for each overweight employee. Obese workers take more absences from work and are 25-68% more likely to have a work-related injury than other employees.

Another side effect of open office designing is that conversations that would not be initiated in a divided environment democratize communication between different teams. Opening the space and energy of the workplace allows for an egalitarian climate that is not defined by the hierarchy of executive suites. This design elicits a sense of empowerment within the employee structure and fosters strong relationships among all employees.

Kennected’s office workflow system is a modern solution to the common problem of achieving company goals. Its streamlined communication, integrated data, and use of numbers to tell the story have enabled it to create a system that is both efficient and effective.

This system has enabled businesses to save time and money while achieving their desired outcomes. Kennected’s unique office management system is an excellent example of how technology can improve business operations.

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