HotShot Launches Messaging and Collaboration App for Secure, Compliant Employee Communications

Empowers businesses to leverage the speed and efficiency of texting, while providing business leaders with peace-of-mind regarding labor law liability, data protection standards, and GDPR compliance

Hotshot has launched, introducing a proven solution for secure messaging and file sharing. Hotshot addresses a previously unmet need, critical for retail, hospitality and healthcare – industries which rely heavily on hourly-wage employees with access to sensitive customer information.

HotShot’s time-based restrictions allow for salaried employees like managers to communicate at all times, but restrict hourly wage employees from sending or receiving messages outside of assigned working hours.  The Hotshot system allows for teams to communicate freely without worrying about off-the-clock wage disputes, reducing labor law liabilities significantly.

Location restriction policies in Hotshot allow organizations to restrict the location where employees may access data, assuring that sensitive customer information is not accessed outside of work, regardless of whether the employee uses a company-provided or personal device.  For organizations subject to the new European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), location restrictions allow organizations to implement data protection controls which exceed GDPR requirements.  Employees may only access work-related messages and files when they are in approved locations.

Hotshot’s patent-pending encryption policy engine takes advantage of the latest data protection technologies on iOS, Android, Windows, macOS and Ubuntu.  The applications allow for companies to enjoy the benefits of managing data across multiple devices without the headache and overhead of systems management tools like Mobile Device Management platforms.

Aaron Turner, founder of Hotshot said, “We are excited to release an application that cost-effectively helps businesses around the world better manage employees’ access to sensitive customer data, while offering the communications and collaboration experience that helps teams reach their potential.”

The HotShot app empowers organizations to leverage the speed and efficiency of messaging applications that everyone is familiar with while addressing a spectrum of employer concerns including:

  • Compliance with regulatory requirements like GDPR and HIPAA
  • Cutting-off employee access to work-related messages and files when employment is terminated.
  • Controlling when and where individuals can send and receive work-related messages and content
  • Data retention policies that keep employers in control of who has access to data and can be produced if required by regulators, even if employees have left the company
  • Utilizes proven encryption technologies to assure data is protected while in transit as well as at rest when stored on users’ devices

HotShot puts employers in control of data at a fraction of the cost of other, more-complicated solutions, and minimizes their labor law liability and customer data privacy exposure.