HighSide Voice & Video Launches; Delivering a Remote Work Platform Designed for Private, Secure, Compliant Collaboration

HighSide enables organizations to protect IP and PII while adhering to regulatory requirements from GDPR and ITAR to HIPAA and SEC.

April 23, 2020 – San Francisco, CA and Esch-sur-Alzette, Luxembourg – High-integrity security and collaboration leader HighSide, today launched HighSide Voice & Video to enable organizations to work remotely without trading-off privacy, security and compliance for high-availability and ease-of-use. 

HighSide is the unified communication platform of choice for elite government, military and private-sector organizations worldwide. Their platform is highly-secure by design with distributed encryption keys, time- and location-based access controls and high-fidelity authentication. HighSide solutions are also lightweight, easily scalable, and will not put pressure on IT infrastructures.

HighSide Voice & Video was launched today during a SANS.org webinar with HighSide customer Pointe BelloAmanda Schnetzer, COO at Pointe Bello, said, “HighSide Voice & Video delivers with high fidelity on the level of security our company needs to collaborate with colleagues and customers alike. We understand the magnitude of cyber and other threats that are out there and prefer HighSide to help balance those risks.”

CSO and President of HighSide, Aaron Turner says, “Solutions like Zoom are ideal for casual get-togethers online where easy access is the top priority and private information isn’t exposed. I’ve enjoyed connecting with family and friends on Zoom during this time of social distancing, but companies that have high-value Intellectual Property, sharing material information that can make or break their businesses need to have a platform to collaborate where they can be assured that only authorized people in authorized places have access is going to be critical as remote work becomes the norm.. That’s why we launched HighSide Voice & Video.” 

HighSide’s zero-trust platform empowers organizations to share information via their app on any device. This solution incorporates built-in identity authentication and authorization controls that the likes of Okta, Cisco Duo and Microsoft Authenticator can’t offer due to their architecture constraints.  With HighSide, cybersecurity business risks are mitigated from data breaches, customer attrition, financial loss and theft of data and IP to compliance and regulatory fines, reputational damage and more.

HighSide CEO Brendan Diaz says, “Cybersecurity is at its most vulnerable point in history. Organizations are transitioning millions of employees and partners to remote work with little or no security protection and there is a proliferation of fraudulent coronavirus-related attacks by cyber-criminals and nation-state attackers.  Warnings were issued by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, the UK’s National Cyber Security Centre, and the World Health Organization and HighSide is stepping-up to help.”

Just prior to launching HighSide Voice & Video, HighSide announced the creation of their Cybersecurity Relief Initiative, to offer their technology to all companies in need, free of charge during the unprecedented mandates in response COVID-19. Go to https://highside.io/covid-19-secure-compliant-remote-work to learn more.

Platforms like Slack, Okta, Cisco Duo, Microsoft Teams or Zoom aren’t secure, and neither are Shadow IT apps like WhatsApp. Now more than ever, companies need a secure and compliant alternative – especially in financial, healthcare, pharmaceutical and manufacturing sectors. 


About HighSide

HighSide is the unified communications email, messaging and file sharing platform that looks and functions like the tools employees want to use, with the security and compliance required by C-suites and regulators. HighSide’s zero-trust platform and location-and-time-based encryption technology gives teams access to a modern unified communications and file sharing platform including voice, video, text and files, reducing risk of shadow IT and reliance on dated and insecure communications channels. The company has offices in Bethesda, MD, Esch-sur-Alzette, Luxembourg and New York, NY. HighSide’s EU headquarters are part of the Technoport® ltd. business incubation program, in partnership with the Luxembourg Ministry of the Economy and Foreign Trade.