HaanGlas confirmed strategic alliance with Vacuum Glass LLC

Vacuum insulating glass structure-vacuum space between sealed glass panels

Tempered vacuum insulating glass manufactured by Morn BM

TAIAN, SHANDONG, CHINA, January 16, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — HaanGlas, a new China company specialized in vacuum insulating glass manufacturing and distribution, recently signed strategic alliance agreement with Vacuum Glass LLC.

The partnership confirmed the exclusive purchasing & sales status in vacuum glass products in North America market.Mr Han and HaanGlas will help us exploring the huge vacuum glass market, they’re smart,dedicated,and passionate.Said Kevin Sarr,Sales director of Vacuum Glass LLC.

Vacuum glass is next generation energy efficient glass,it thermal conductivity is only 25% that of standard double glass units,helps building the low carbon world,most importantly,it can be used in historical building renovation and save the energy costs directly without changing the original windows frame and structure,because vacuum glass is only 6-12mm thick,which is only 50% that of insulated glass.

China has the world leading vacuum glass manufacturing technology and the world best vacuum glass products after 30 years development, in past years,there’s only limited manufacturers,such as Synergy,Landvac,but now we have more options and more advanced options.

HaanGlas offer one stop vacuum glass solutions , they can not only process the world class 6.3mm tempered vacuum glass, 1700*3200mm Max available size also ensure that vacuum glass been applied in curtain walls,skylights in large scale.

Different from other manufacturers that use glass solder edge sealing materials,HaanGlas VIG are sealed with low temperature metal materials,which won’t cause glass anneal after sealing and ensure the uniform strength in each panel,no evacuation holes also ensure the good visual appearance.

“Partnership with HaanGlas was our best decision during our 10 years vacuum glass business,we believe the alliance will ensure our leading status in world vacuum glass business”, Kevin also mentioned.

Mr Han Xiaoqing,founder of Haanglas also proud to show their world class innovative products,we can not only make tempered vacuum glass,but also further laminate and insulated to increase its performance and expand the application.
We are open to other VIG distributors and looking for more partner in world areas.

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