GoalSetters Introduces Inspirational Entrepreneur Stories

GoalSetters Image Of Founders Dee Bright Jr & Jerold Lee Jr

Stories That Highlight The Entrepreneurial Journey

TAMPA, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, July 31, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Entrepreneurship is not always an easy journey. As more & more individuals leave Corporate America to pursue their dreams and start their own businesses, many find themselves overwhelmed by the early struggles and bumps in the road.

Without the proper support system, these early struggles have caused new entrepreneurs to lose hope and quit the businesses that they once were so eager and excited to start.

The founders of GoalSetters, Dee Bright Jr and Jerold Lee Jr, made a decision to start showcasing entrepreneur success stories on their newly launched platform, GoalSetters, with the goal of bringing inspiration and motivation to those thinking of giving up.

The success stories featured on the official GoalSetters website highlight the ups and downs that many entrepreneurs encounter as well as how these individuals overcame their own struggles.

Stories like these help to motivate others that may be experiencing similar challenges and seeing how others have gotten through it can create the necessary motivation needed to continue pushing forward.

Dee & Jerold’s aim is to interview and bring exposure to the stories behind the successful businesses of every day entrepreneurs while helping to motivate struggling and new entrepreneurs in the process.

There are always more stories to tell and as such GoalSetters is seeking more entrepreneurs that are willing to come forward and share their story with the world.

To tell your story visit the official GoalSetters website and contact us today.

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