Globetrotter unveils treasure of the golden pyramid at the 13. International Speaker Slam

149 enthusiastic participants

Mrs. Vogt and the golden pyramid

Mrs. Vogt on stage at the Scherer Studios

New world record at the 13. International Speaker Slam and secret of the golden pyramid unveiled

DUISBURG, NRW, GERMANY, February 13, 2023 / — At the 13th International Speaker Slam which took place in the Hunsrück on 03.Feb.2023 in the Scherer Studios on 2 stages, the globetrotter Nadine Vogt revealed the treasure of the golden pyramid live and in front of an audience for the first time. The discovery, which she made for the first time in April 1999 during her world trip on a container ship, aroused enthusiasm in the international audience. Ms. Vogt plans to record her discovery and journey in a book and publish it as soon as possible.

Ms. Vogt is of the opinion that everyone comes to the point in his life where it is worthwhile to deal with the mystery and to develop personally. In April 1999, after completing her training as a ship’s mechanic, she herself sailed on a container ship from Hamburg to New Zealand. During her time on board, she worked as a ship’s mechanic and prepared herself for her further seafaring career.

She acquired the golden pyramid from one of the mooring men during a trip through the Suez Canal and it still reminds her of this wonderful time that took her from Europe to Asia, Australia and New Zealand. It is the positive memories from the past that give us courage to go new ways and finally the golden pyramid led to a wonderful contribution during the 13th International Speaker Slam where a new world record was set.

Ms. Nadine Vogt (46) lives in Duisburg and is a graduate engineer in marine engineering and has also completed vocational training as a ship mechanic. After her 15 years of seafaring experience as an engineer, she worked as a technical inspector for seagoing vessels. Today she works as an employee for an inland shipping company.

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