Global Password Security Report

The Global Password Security Report, released by LastPass by LogMeIn today, covers password use in the workplace as well as emerging trends around identity and access management at businesses worldwide.

The report dives into password hygiene findings from 47,000 organizations, including the use of security measures like multifactor authentication and single sign-on.


Key findings include:

  • Password sharing and reuse remains a common practice in most businesses – employees reuse a password an average of 13 times
  • Multifactor authentication () use is on the rise – More than half of businesses globally (57%) now have employees using MFA, up 12 percentage points from last year’s report
  • The password struggle is real, especially for employees at small businesses – Employees at small businesses have an average of 85 to manage compared to 25 passwords for those at the largest companies. Employees at small businesses reuse 10-14 passwords compared to just four among employees at larger organizations