German Rosete aconseja a empresarios cautela en post pandemia

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German Rosete, empresario.

German Rosete, empresario.

German Rosete Lopez Llergo

¿Quien es German Rosete?

German Rosete analyze effects of the current crises in Mexico and Latinamerica

At this time, what you should not do as an entrepreneur is to lose your cool, and you should not make decisions under stress either.”

— German Rosete

MIAMI, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, December 31, 2021 / — The covid-19 pandemic has hit everyone the same in the economic aspect around the planet, so the Mexican businessman Germán Rosete recommended being cautious and not making decisions under stress. Rosete, president of Cosmos Global Holding and the founder of Oleum Energy, knows that the world has changed after more than 14 months, which is why he recommended micro, medium, and prominent entrepreneurs to be very prepared for the post-coronavirus pandemic.

“At this time, what you should not do as an entrepreneur is to lose your cool, and you should not make decisions under stress either. We have to look forward to the future, and that is why the recommendation towards the post-pandemic of Covid-19, what I recommend to small, medium, or large entrepreneurs is to connect to new technologies and study new branches of the industry. They come to the not distant future, to get ahead”, expressed Germán Rosete López de Llergo. The Mexican Germán Rosete, who heads a Mexican corporation founded in 2012 and has more than 40 companies in the energy, financial, digital, health care, and real estate sectors, pointed out three key steps that an entrepreneur must take into account now. The post-coronavirus pandemic is looming.

“We could point out three relevant steps, and they would be to develop a new plantation of clients and assets, in addition to a restructuring of the company and not conclude business this year, the recommendation is until the termination of the pandemic passes,” said the Mexican Germán Rosete. “Now, the health of workers and their families is something very important for the significant sector, and as long as measures are taken and infections are prevented, this will help the economy to become increasingly active,” Rosete added. Germán Rosete López de Llergo, who studied business administration at Tecnológico de Monterrey, added that the message that entrepreneurs must convey is one of trust. Leaders must lead the way and teach others how to get out of the crisis that has wreaked havoc at all levels, not only in Mexico but in all countries. To date, there is no exact figure of how many companies have closed due to the pandemic, but it is estimated that are thousands of them.

Who is German Rosete?
German Rosete is the President of Cosmos Global Holding and Oleum Energy, a leading company in the energy sector. He studied Business Administration in the city of Monterrey.

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