Geotab y Lytx: linking telematics and video to support transportation security

Geotab, leader in connected transportation solutions, and Lytx, leader in video security, join forces to deliver the industry’s best video telematics solution.

BASSETERRE, SAINT KITTS AND NEVIS, September 12, 2023/ — With an increasingly connected society, data sharing has become commonplace. Video analytics and in-vehicle computer data have converged to create a solution that changed the way company fleets are managed: video telematics. Today, leading companies are teaming up to make this collaboration a fully integrated and seamless alternative. Geotab and Lytx, two experts in the field of fleet management are joining forces to solve everyday problems that companies face. This partnership provides a complete view, from the vehicle itself, addressing daily challenges that may arise in the operation, all thanks to the union of two technologies.

Thanks to video telematics, it is possible to have vehicle information and evidence on driving and external factors with video transmitted in real time, in order to monitor and protect drivers, passengers, units and merchandise. However, by integrating intelligent hardware such as Lytx with efficient software such as Geotab’s, a large amount of valuable data is obtained, complemented with video images, the analysis of which improves the performance of processes, thus optimizing time and costs in companies. But this is just the tip of the iceberg, video telematics is the number one ally of security in transportation, acting as a key piece at the time of emergencies and other unexpected situations.

Geotab’s video telematics has been able to be there when their customers are stripped of their goods, when an incident has occurred and the responsible party needs to be determined, and when there are risky behavioral habits, this technology gives companies the ability to have eyes on the event, which allows them to have evidence, solve and get rid of litigation and fines, while learning from their mistakes, with clear indicators of the things they need to train their drivers on and as a result reduce the risk of such failures happening again.

“Telematics is a powerful technology that has revolutionized the way we look at how fleet management should be, but by adding visuals, this solution is taken a step further. With video telematics, two powerful tools are presented in one, so how can companies integrate them and make the most of this union? From the beginning, that was the question that guided the direction of this collaboration between Geotab and Lytx,” said Jonathan Solis, Senior Manager of Geotab’s Latam Marketplace.

What does the combination of Geotab and Lytx solutions offer?

● Seamless integration:
The fusion of both technologies is such that by obtaining the solution via the Order Now program, within the Geotab marketplace, it can be installed in a simple and non-intrusive way. Subsequently, the linkage with the MyGeotab platform is as simple as turning on a camera and allows the user to have all the vehicle information concentrated in one place, whether this data has been obtained from the GO device or the camera, without any difference.

● Enough data to analyze and Artificial Intelligence: The Machine Vision (MA) technology with Artificial Intelligence (AI) of this solution, powered by one of the largest teams of data scientists in the industry and with real scenario testing, detects distractions and risks in driving. This solution combines Machine Vision, which operates as the eyes of the system, recognizing objects, with Artificial Intelligence, the brain that interprets risks and makes decisions. The algorithms that run on the camera to detect undesired behaviors, such as cell phone use, lack of seat belt, smoking in the cab, etc. are converted into events through Geotab’s rules engine, thanks to its full integration. The creation of events in the MyGeotab system makes qualitative variables quantitative by generating reports that sort events easily within the dashboard of the MyGeotab platform.
In addition, this technology ensures efficiency without relying on user feedback and improves decision making by analyzing the information gathered. The reports generated provide a complete and personalized view, allowing beneficial decisions to be made for all involved.

● Saving a complicated installation and learning curve: The link between the two technologies is so subtle that their installation is also subtle. While with competitors the installation can take up to 3 hours, the installation of Geotab and Lytx video telematics is as simple as linking a device to your smartphone, as you only need to add a plugin that you get from the Marketplace, add the camera to link it and with that you already have visibility on Geotab’s customizable platform.

● Avoid losing control of important rules for your business and drowning in a sea of notifications: Geotab’s system that allows you to define rules to be followed by drivers such as not reaching certain speeds or not having distractions, is taken to the next level thanks to the Lytx camera that allows you to record in real time events and send notifications, both on the camera and on the platform, when a rule is broken. In terms of safety, thanks to the Rules Engine, the fleet manager can access the installed vehicle cameras at any time after receiving a notification that the driver or vehicle is in danger, to optimize response time, facilitate decision making and be able to make a report to the authorities immediately. There is also a set of suggested rules, but each customer has the option to customize these according to the needs of their business.

● Avoid losing relevant information and having to manually download large amounts of information: Videotelematics incorporates the cloud services of both leaders to provide better data backup. Both the camera and the Geotab GO Device send the information gathered to the cloud to keep the fleet manager aware of what is happening in each of their vehicles. In the case of the camera, it has a memory that, once full, begins to overwrite new information on the previous one, but the videos remain available on the Geotab platform for 30 days in case of a later consultation

“With the union of two of the giants of the industry, we are witnessing where video telematics is heading and what are the real benefits it can offer. Video telematics goes beyond simple vehicle monitoring and with the right technology and data intelligence, it can revolutionize the industry,” said Fernando Ferreira, Director of Channel Sales for Lytx in Latin America.

Video telematics offers greater visibility for better decision making that can not only translate into a quick return on investment, but also goes a step further to achieve driver safety assurance, making this technology an essential for companies that take the well-being of their employees very seriously.

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