Fund Recovery Services Can Abate Financial Crisis: Says

Cyber Forensic Specialist

From tracking fraudsters to recouping maximum money, fund recovery services increase the chances of getting funds back.

typically, scammers won’t return the money without victims involved in a complicated legal process known as forfeiture-in part to avoid being held responsible for sharing the details.”

— Timothy Benson

SOFIA, BULGARIA, February 17, 2022 / — It was only a matter of weeks before cybercriminals were able to steal nearly $650 million in Washington as part of online scams during the chaotic stages of the pandemic. After almost a year of investigation, the state successfully recovered around $380 million (60%) of those funds.

While this recovery percentage has launched a wave of awareness among individuals, newly disclosed data reveals that fund recovery services can help victims recover the lost funds saving them significant amounts of sums.

Earlier this month,, a cyber forensics service for online scam victims, disclosed that such institutions are equipped with technical knowledge and experience to resolve the cases within the first few weeks.

A dissection of this same report by Timothy Benson, a Fraud recovery specialist at the same firm, gives a glimpse inside the mechanics of how fund recovery services sought the best tools to retrieve lost funds.

Why Are Fund Recovery Services Critical?

Fund recovery is as important as identifying the culprits of the crime. Another thing to notice is that while most funds are potentially retrievable, such institutions use additional efforts to recoup maximum amounts of lost funds in scams.

A legal practitioner working with the firm says: “typically, scammers won’t return the money without victims involved in a complicated legal process known as forfeiture-in part to avoid being held responsible for sharing the details.” This requires investigators to document the fraud, track transfer of funds, and other details.

Another aspect is that retrieving money won’t be clear until the forfeiture cases are completed.

For example, in mid-January 2022, an attorney general filed a forfeiture action in court against three banks allegedly involved in an unemployment benefits fraud scheme. A spokesperson from the attorney general office said, “all the banks were eager to return the money once the legal process concluded and returned 80% of the funds.”

Timothy Benson says,” each investigation ultimately determines what and how much money can be recovered? Recovery efforts usually continue even after forfeiture. And sometimes it can be a lengthy process.”

How Do Fund Recovery Services Help Scam Victims Get Money Back?

Suppose an individual has been scammed into sending their money to a fraudulent account/ scheme/ account. In that case, they can seek the help of fund recovery professionals. In such cases, officials acknowledge the difficulty of a fraud’s occurrence and help victims identify the suspects.

A team of professionals usually follows a legal procedure involving crucial steps such as:

◉ Filing a Complaint and Open the Case
◉ Solving the Disputed Case
◉ Getting Money Back
◉ Suggest further prevention tips

Fund Recovery After a Scam:

When cybercriminals launch fraud schemes, they often insist on paying in cash or through bitcoin. Once they receive the money, the next step is to launder these vast sums of money. says: “there are two approaches cybercriminals usually follow: they either try to liquidate the amount immediately or wait until the victim has forgotten.” The former approach is more common. Fund recovery services attempt to intercept this liquidation or track it down before the amount can be sent somewhere else.

How to Find Good Fund Recovery Services?

Whenever looking for a professional fund recovery agent, look for these signs:

◉ Data Securing: A critical aspect of scam investigation is ensuring victims’ details do not get misused further. Thus, a professional agency shall inform victims about how they will access the victim’s data and secure it further, like creating firewalls in the system downloading anti-viruses.
◉ A Security-first Culture: In any scam, the biggest worry of a victim is not to lose any more money. Professional fund recovery agents will save the victim’s left out amount.
◉ Importance of Investigation: Check out the previous cases solved by the service and look at customer reviews.
◉ Professional Assistance: Criminal prosecution is a crucial part of the equation which only a professional fund recovery service can bring into the picture. But that depends on two situations 1) when the individual or an organization has shared only personal details 2) when the individual or an organization has also sent money as ransom.

A good deal of reviews online indicate to be a credible fund recovery service. Years of experience solving thousands of scam-related cases is one of the USP. But, make sure to go into details before hiring any expert.

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