From Avanan: With Prime Day Around the Corner, Be on the Lookout for These Amazon Scams

It’s practically a holiday at this point: Amazon Prime Day. Two days of ridiculous deals and savings.

Here’s what else is associated with the day: Phishing.

Amazon is already a popular phishing target. We’ve written about it in the past, herehere, and here.

Amazon is one of the most impersonated brands out there. Now, with a major spending holiday around the corner, phishers are at it again, trying to steal credentials and money.

Starting in June 2022, Avanan researchers have seen an uptick in spoofed Amazon attacks, whereby hackers are trying to steal credentials in the hopes that users will think it’s the actual Amazon brand emailing. In this attack brief, Avanan will analyze how hackers are spoofing Amazon to steal credentials.

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