From Avanan: Local Meetings Under Attack

Virtual community and school board meetings have been commonplace over the last two years. Instead of gathering in person, these meetings, often held over Zoom, have been critical to keeping the community involved.

While most meetings have returned in-person, they are often still live-streamed on Zoom. This helps preserve community access.

However, there represents a risk to these live-streamed events. While many might be familiar with Zoom-bombing, that insidious practice of a hacker jumping onto a Zoom and introducing malicious or explicit content, there’s another method that hackers have found to exploit such calls.

Starting in March 2022, Avanan researchers have seen how hackers have spoofed reminders of community and school board invitations, by attaching what looks like a Zoom or other web conferencing invitation. Instead, the attachment is a malicious PDF. In this attack brief, Avanan will analyze how hackers are spoofing important community meetings to spread malware.

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