Forsyte I.T. Solutions secures Fulton County Schools infrastructure with advanced security technology

Fulton works with Forsyte I.T. Solutions to leverage Microsoft 365 security solutions to monitor, detect, and mitigate potential cybersecurity threats.

We have within our reporting a monthly dollar figure associated with the number of successfully prevented attacks that our services and Microsoft software have provided for Fulton.”

— Jeremy Fass, National Sales Director at Forsyte I.T. Solutions

RICHMOND, VA, USA, July 29, 2022 / — Following a cybersecurity incident, Fulton County Schools (Fulton), Georgia’s fourth largest school system, prioritized security and its plan to ramp up cybersecurity measures in an effort to protect its vast faculty, staff, students, data, and infrastructure. Cyberattacks have hit the education sector harder than any other industry over the past few years, and Fulton County Schools’ CIO, Dr. Emily Bell, wanted to make sure Fulton was prepared to defend its 95,000 students, 10,900 employees, and 6,900 teachers and certified personnel from future attacks. A high-level security incident can severely impact any district’s ability to deliver the necessary tools and support and maintaining a strong security posture is key to thwarting attacks.

Fulton invested in an ongoing partnership with Forsyte I.T. Solutions (Forsyte) to deploy Microsoft advanced security features available through its Microsoft 365 A5 subscription. Forsyte’s expert technology and security expertise gave Fulton the team and tools necessary to address cybersecurity risks and vulnerabilities from ransomware, malware, phishing, compromised credentials, and DDoS attacks.

Fulton’s existing cyber incident response plan was created to align with the guidelines of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) — which outlines specific steps to identify, contain, and eradicate cyber threats. In an effort to better communicate with district leadership, Fulton’s Information Security team broke down the process according to the level of urgency based on assessed risk. Through a well-rounded cybersecurity communication strategy, potential risks to Fulton’s district are mitigated with powerful AI technology, offering peace of mind to district leaders. School district leaders are able to focus on serving their student body by educating and supporting students with excellent instruction. Having a secure infrastructure in place to detect, assess, and mitigate threats has made all the difference.

To measure the number of attacks that were occurring within its network and quantify the cost, Fulton utilized the award-winning expertise of Forsyte I.T. Solutions. Dr. Bell used this data to show district leaders the value of preventing an attack and the importance of securing technology to best support educational continuity in Fulton County Schools.

The premier Georgia school district has gone on to work with Forsyte I.T. Solutions to leverage the power of Microsoft 365 with Forsyte’s Guardian 365 security managed services and continues to partner together to explore additional security projects to protect its IT network. Contact our award-winning security experts to learn more about what Forsyte can do to protect your organization from malicious attacks at

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