Flow Batteries are a contender for grid scale energy storage in Australia

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Salgenx offers salt water flow batteries which are a good solution for energy storage in Australia.

MADISON, WISCONSIN, USA, December 31, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Australia has recently been buying Tesla Megapacks for good reason. They help stabilize the grid for many areas known for brownouts. Large scale grid-based energy storage is a top priority for utilities which help deliver cleaner, cheaper, and more reliable energy from intermittent solar energy production.

With the continued expansion of rooftop solar, large energy storage allows utilities to continue the uptake of renewables which is a win-win for both consumers and utilities. But the large battery storage goes beyond stabilizing renewables, it can also serve as black start resources themselves.

As an alternative, the flow battery may prove to be a contender for lithium-based energy storage. Not only do they last longer, but are faster and inexpensive to deploy. Typical wait time on a Megapack can be up to two years. In that amount of time, a flow battery can pay for itself.

The Salgenx salt water redox flow battery uses two separate tanks of electrolytes, and when combined over electrodes, can store or discharge energy. The simplicity of the concept is the separation of the liquid electrolytes, one of which is salt water. Perfect for remote energy or large scale storage for wind and solar power, just like the Tesla megapack. In many areas, the wait time for the Megapack is up to two years, and uses expensive and flammable Lithium.

Not only is it scalable, but it’s also inexpensive. The cost of the electrolytes is less than five dollars per kilowatt. Vanadium and Bromine flow systems require an expensive membrane. Alternatively, most of the salt water flow battery and liquid electrolyte can be sourced and assembled on-site using shipping containers, which empowers local communities to build their own storage systems.

Salt water doesn’t have the same flammability issues as Lithium. It’s non-toxic, and available everywhere. You can find it in salt lakes, brine pools, oil and gas well producer water, mining operations, cooling ponds for power plants, and as a waste effluent from desalination facilities.

As the demand for energy storage increases, the salt water flow battery is an inexpensive alternative which can meet the requirements of large scale grid power storage.

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