FieldMetrix’s Job Card App Helps Businesses Keep Track of Van & Boot Stock

An industry leader in job card software for businesses has expanded its features.

HOUSTON, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, May 31, 2021 / — Representatives with FieldMetrix announced today that its Job Card App now helps businesses keep track of van and boot stock.

“We are very excited about this,” said FieldMetrix CEO and Co-Founder Derek Mitchell. “Keeping a close eye on mobile stock levels means your technicians will have the parts they need when they need them. Minimize losses on your fleet vans, and improve billing accuracy on the items used on customer visits.”

Mitchell explained that its app helps businesses keep an inventory of all the stock onboard each vehicle and help balance.

FieldMetrix, which recently celebrated 10 years in business, provides software that runs on the web and Android devices that enable companies to use mobile forms to capture data in the field. Data is visible in real-time on the company’s web interface that captures inspection forms, equipment maintenance checklists, signatures, and more.

FieldMetrix’s specialties include: customizable mobile forms, ad-hoc field data capture, reports, and assign field tasks to mobile workers.

In addition to its Job Card App helping businesses keep track of van and boot stock, Mitchell pointed out that its Job Card App also now helps businesses provide proof of delivery.

Proof of a service or delivery can be more than just a signature capture. Mitchell noted that the proof of delivery happens in just three quick and easy steps.

1. Send jobs to your field employees for them to complete on their devices.

2. Use your Android device to capture signatures, barcodes, and pictures.

3. Email your clients with proof of delivery when the job is complete.

“Companies today are delivering more and more products and relying on companies to manage, distribute and deliver those products to their customers,” Mitchell said, before adding, “Customers, too, have new expectations when it comes to deliveries. Not just in timeframes but in how packages are delivered and received. And to handle all of these demands, companies need proof of delivery software applications that don’t just work, but change how they do business.”

But that’s not all. FieldMetrix also allows businesses to manage field technicians efficiently.

“Within your officers, warehouses, or deliveries, you can ensure that job cards are filled out with all the information needed and transmitted back to your home system as soon as they are done,” said Mitchell.

Mitchell went on to explain that this means you can more easily keep track of stock on your shelves or in your technicians’ vehicles so that you know when you need to order more supplies or accurately know you have what a client wants before arriving to the job site.

“In addition, your technicians can capture signatures on their Android phones, whether it is for proof of delivery or proof of a job completed,” Mitchell said.

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FieldMetrix’s software allows businesses to provide proof of service without an extensive IT infrastructure. You can manage and monitor the progress of work by field service technicians. No more lost paperwork! FieldMetrix has served over 2,388,467 job cards containing more than 3,473,178 GPS fixes. Total cost savings to our clients is approximately 156,072 days for their field technicians.

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