Energy Internet Corporation and 2HOffshore Partnering for Green Energy Offerings

Schematic of long duration energy storage in a subsurface feature

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Combining 2HOffshore’s extensive subsurface knowledge with EIC’s innovative green energy plants to offer SPV opportunities to First Movers

We are extremely excited about the expertise 2H brings to the process of locating, qualifying and developing subsurface features such as depleted hydrocarbon fields that store TeraWattHours.”

— Mark Weathers SVP-Operations

SARATOGA, CA, USA, March 27, 2023/ — Energy Internet Corporation (EIC) and 2H Offshore have formed a Partnership, bringing together their unique expertise and strengths, to accelerate energy transition with leading-edge zero carbon solutions for electricity, hydrogen, ammonia, and synthetic natural gas.

Together we deliver unparalleled value to our customers by uniquely leveraging on the customers’ existing assets, or the use of naturally occurring subsurface reservoirs, to store energy up to a TeraWatt hour scale, while relying solely on renewable energy sources.

EIC’s patented “Liquid Piston Heat Engine” innovation enables high capacity and load factors, which ensures reliable, firm, and dispatchable green electricity, at a cost that is equal to or lower than traditional energy sources.

2H’s decades of global experience in developing engineering solutions for wind energy, carbon capture, well integrity and subsurface gas storage, solidify the path to implement EIC’s technology at a large scale.

Our solution partnership provides a sustainable differentiation in the oil, gas, power generation and distribution sectors that combines industry-specific expertise with equipment and software knowledge to offer an end-to-end solution, customized to the customer’s needs.

The Partnership is currently seeking market leaders that realize the value of early adoption to develop, or fund and own, one or more Special Purpose Vehicles (SPV) to operate fully integrated green energy plants.

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