Empowering Presidency High School Kids with an Intuitive No-Code Workshop

HYDERABAD, TELANGANA, INDIA, September 12, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — Quixy, a leading no-code platform renowned in technology and innovation, is thrilled to announce that it successfully held a no-code workshop at Presidency High School, South India’s Best Emerging School. This pioneering program is designed to empower high school students by fostering their creative potential and passion for technology, all without the need for coding.

The CodeFree Creativity Workshop initiative challenges the conventional belief that coding is the sole gateway to the tech realm. Instead, it provides an alternative future avenue for students to explore and express their innovative ideas regardless of their coding background.

Hosted by Quixy, the No-Code workshop offered high school students in Grades 9 a two-hour immersive technology experience. Expert trainers guided students through the realms of app development, website creation, chatbot design, and more. In the workshop, the kids were asked to create a chatbot, and the use case was “Annual Day Registration.” They were also taught about different no-code tools like Quixy, Landbot.io, Glide, Softr, etc., which could be used to create workflow automation, chatbots, websites, etc. This hands-on workshop equipped students with practical skills to tackle real-life challenges using technology, breaking down the barriers of traditional coding education.

Sai Charan Nomula, Head of Innovation Cell, Presidency High School, expressed, “The session conducted by Quixy provided an outstanding blend of information and engagement, leaving a lasting impact on our students. The facilitators demonstrated an impressive depth of knowledge, effortlessly simplifying complex concepts and offering continuous support. The workshop empowered our students to explore the world of no-code development, fostering creativity and problem-solving skills. Quixy’s interactive approach and practical examples made learning enjoyable and accessible. I wholeheartedly recommend Quixy’s workshops to schools seeking to equip their students with valuable skills dynamically and engagingly.”

“As the Principal of our institution, I had the privilege of witnessing Quixy’s exceptional no-code workshop for grade 9 students. This session seamlessly integrated with the CBSE philosophy and the National Education Policy (NEP). Quixy’s workshop offered insightful content and captivating activities, fostering holistic student development.

The facilitators demonstrated remarkable expertise, simplifying intricate concepts in line with the NEP’s emphasis on skill-oriented education. With patient guidance and unwavering support, they empowered students to explore the realm of no-code development.

Quixy’s interactive approach, complemented by practical illustrations, imparted invaluable technical skills, nurtured creativity, and honed problem-solving abilities. The hands-on experience enabled students to build functional applications without traditional coding.

I wholeheartedly endorse Quixy’s workshops for institutions embracing the NEP’s principles, as they deliver dynamic and engrossing learning experiences in alignment with our vision of holistic education,” Rajupalem Pavana Kumar, Principal, Presidency High School.

Vivek Goel, VP of Marketing and Evangelism at Quixy, underlines the immense value of the CodeFree Creativity program, stating, “CodeFree Creativity opens up new avenues for students to unleash their potential and embrace technology in innovative ways. This program allows students to express their creativity, problem-solving skills, and critical thinking without the need for coding expertise. By removing the coding barrier, we aim to inspire a diverse range of students to explore and excel in the world of technology, contributing to a more inclusive and innovative future.”

This early exposure to no-code nurtures their problem-solving skills, fosters innovation, and prepares them for a future where technology plays an increasingly integral role in every aspect of life. As these young innovators grow, their proficiency in no-code technology will undoubtedly open doors to exciting career opportunities and enable them to contribute to a tech-savvy, digitally-driven world where the only limit is their imagination.

For more information about CodeFree Creativity and to inquire about hosting the workshop at your school, please visit this link.

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