Empowering Communities: Clearfield and eCommunity™ Fiber’s Broadband Initiative

Fiber internet offers advantages that extend beyond speed.It’s about providing communities with a resilient and dependable resource, especially where traditional infrastructures have proven inadequate”

— Antwon Alsobrook, Founder & CEO of eCommunity™

ATLANTA, GEORGIA, UNITED STATES, November 30, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — Clearfield, Inc. (NASDAQ: CLFD), a leading expert in fiber management for communication service providers, has joined forces with eCommunity™ Fiber to revolutionize broadband connectivity in residential communities and small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs). This strategic partnership leverages Clearfield’s technology, including the Clearfield YOURx™ Flex Box, Clearview® Blue Cassette, FieldShield® FLATdrop, and fiber cables, to cost-effectively establish high-bandwidth point-to-point connections within the eCommunity™ Fiber network.

eCommunity™ Fiber has embarked on a mission to bridge the digital divide by extending its reach to rural and urban areas. The company has already initiated two new last-mile rollouts in Georgia in 2023 and plans to add four more before the year’s end. To meet the connectivity needs of these diverse regions, eCommunity™ sought an efficient and future-ready solution that could reach areas currently inaccessible by fiber. Clearfield rose to the challenge by providing innovative solutions that allow eCommunity™ to deploy high-capacity fibers, nearly doubling the quantity achievable in a traditional setup, to its in-market POP (point of presence) sites using a single cable.

Empowering underserved communities with reliable high-speed broadband represents the shared mission of Clearfield, Inc., and eCommunity™ Fiber. The new initiative is instrumental in facilitating more reliable and resilient fiber internet access, especially in areas where traditional infrastructures have been inadequate.

By partnering with Clearfield, eCommunity™ has not only enhanced its network capabilities but also enabled its carrier partners to offer up to 10 Gigabit (Gb) connections to rural and urban communities through its “Open Access” network. This initiative aims to bring the advantages of high-speed internet, with speeds of up to 10 Gb, to these underserved areas. Unlike traditional cables, fiber-optic technology ensures minimal service interruptions, even in adverse weather conditions, and provides a more reliable resource for communities.

Antwon Alsobrook, Founder & CEO of eCommunity™, commented, “Fiber internet offers advantages that extend beyond mere speed. It’s about providing communities with a resilient and dependable resource, especially in areas where traditional infrastructures have proven inadequate.”

eCommunity™ Fiber and Clearfield, Inc. are committed to addressing the digital divide and empowering communities with robust broadband connectivity. As eCommunity™ continues to expand its network, more communities nationwide will have access to high-quality and dependable Internet services, fostering growth and opportunities for residents and businesses alike.

About Clearfield, Inc.
Clearfield, Inc. (NASDAQ: CLFD) designs, manufactures, and distributes fiber optic management, protection, and delivery products for communications networks. Our “fiber to anywhere” platform serves the unique requirements of leading incumbent local exchange carriers (traditional carriers), competitive local exchange carriers (alternative carriers), and MSO/cable TV companies while also catering to the broadband needs of the utility/municipality, enterprise, data center and military markets. Headquartered in Minneapolis, MN, Clearfield deploys more than a million fiber ports each year. For more information, visit www.SeeClearfield.com

About eCommunity™ Holdings
eCommunity™ Holdings, a brainchild of A2D, Inc., and Antarctica Capital and A2D, Inc., specializes in creating, developing, and managing operating open-access fiber networks across the USA. A2D, being a unique entity as the nation’s only African American-owned and operated open-access fiber carrier, collaborates to amplify the outreach and impact of eCommunity™ in underserving areas, offering carrier-neutral and advanced fiber connectivity solutions. For more details, visit eCommunity’s website.

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