Embark on a Journey Through Ambal

Collect Lore Fragments in the Community Event, and Get Ready for the Upcoming Digital Card Game

SINGAPORE, SINGAPORE, March 23, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — The Ambal franchise started out with a successful Kickstarter campaign for their tabletop card game, Ambal Tournament. Now the franchise ventures into the digital real with two new projects: Ambal Compendium, a growing collection of lore and story documents; and Ambal Duels, a digital card game based on the tabletop game and built on Fragnova.

– Find Ambal at this year’s Game Developers Conference at Fragnova’s booth in the GDC Play area.
– The Ambal Compendium will go live at the end of March 2023.

The Ambal Compendium is a website with a growing collection of lore and story documents detailing the high-fantasy spiritual world of Erra, and more specifically the land of Ambal. The team welcomes all fans of the game and fans of fantasy to join the community event.

To access the content, community members will have to collect Ambal Lore Fragments*in the game’s Discord server starting from March 2023, when the community event goes live. Here’s a synopsis of the world:

Ambal is a mysterious land filled with different species like the immortal Yoro and the shapeshifting Tenko, where the Four Seasons arrived and brought great changes to the landscape. It is a place rich in history, with five capitals and a secretive guild that holds both knowledge and power. The humans in the capitals now rely on the protection offered by the guild due to increased activity from Tormented Spirits and the looming threat of an ancient force. The fate of the humans remains uncertain, could the old prophecy be a solution to their woes?

Members can claim Lore Fragments on a weekly basis, and each fragment unlocks one episode on the Ambal Compendium. Lorebook I is finished and contains 41 episodes, while Lorebook II and Lorebook III are currently in development. Holders of Lore Fragments will be able to redeem a Lorebook (a digital collectible) once they collect every Lore Fragment from the corresponding Lorebook. These books will offer benefits such as special Discord roles and early access to future projects. Join the ranks of the knowledgeable and be among the first to know about the future of Ambal.

Ambal Duels is currently in development, with a closed alpha coming in Q2 2023.

The lore and game development are being led by Bernardo Bittencourt, a Founding member of Fragnova and the one-person team behind Salt Ring Games (publisher of Ambal Tournament). Bittencourt’s passion for creating immersive and captivating worlds shines through in the rich lore and history of the land of Ambal. To get involved with Ambal’s growing community and participate in the lore event you can join the Discord server here.

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