Elevated Living Offers All-in-One Property Management Software to Owners, Developers, and Managers

Elevated Living’s All-in-One Property Management Software makes property management life much more efficient.

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS, UNITED STATES, February 3, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — As many property owners, managers, and developers know too well, efficiently managing a positive resident experience isn’t easy. But it just got a lot easier, thanks to the Elevated Living all-in-one Property Management Software, exclusively developed for property owners, developers, and managers.

It is innovative and unique. “It is leading-edge technology, integrating top-performing property management software, to maximize building efficiency and to deliver the best possible resident experience,” says the upbeat and innovative Konrad Koczwara, Elevated Living’s CEO and Founder.

The state of the art, all-in-one Elevated Living property management software allows managers to operate buildings more effectively and efficiently, while also attracting and retaining residents by providing an exceptional living experience.

Some of the key Elevate Living features include Amenity Reservations, to automate and customize amenity reservations and save the management team productive time; Engagement Analytics to track valuable resident engagement data together with personal service usage; Maintenance Requests; Rent Payments, integrating with existing PMS; Custom Onboarding Emails; and Custom Move-in / Move-out Checklists.

“It’s an important focus,” he notes. “The purpose of Elevated Living’s all-in-one management software is to make life easier for developers and managers.” From routine and essential building operations to amenities and resident services like booking house-cleaning and dog-walking services, yoga and fitness classes, safe and secure package delivery, and much more.

“It’s also exciting,” Koczwara says. “Our unique, all-in-one software leverages valuable insights which are not typically offered on conventional property management platforms. It allows property managers and developers to not only maintain an effective competitive edge but deliver the efficient and personalized experience residents expect.”

The purpose and the value of Elevated Living’s property management software are that residents should not have to download and maneuver through six different apps, just to book on-site services. “And property managers shouldn’t have their time wasted by a pitch-parade of different vendors, asking them to promote their apps and services.”

For more information, please visit www.elevatedliving.com/about-us and https://www.elevatedliving.com/why-us.


About Elevated Living

Elevated Living is a full-service ecosystem built for modern Class A communities. We combine technology with human-powered hospitality to elevate the resident experience.

We believe that residents shouldn’t have to download a dozen different apps to take advantage of services offered within their community. In communities powered by Elevated Living, residents are provided a single branded “building” app that combines traditional building operations with modern concierge services. From submitting work orders to signing up for fitness classes, to booking a housekeeper – Elevated Living is your all-in-one technology and services partner.

Modern Class A multifamily buildings rely on Elevated Living’s exclusive branded software and personalized services to showcase lifestyle amenities.

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