Electro Scan Inc. Selected to Inspect Sewer Pipes in Ras Al Khaimah, UAE, Working with Abu Dhabi-based Applus-Velosi

Ras Al Khaimah, United Arab Emirates.

With Legacy Acoustic and CCTV Cameras missing 80-100% of infiltration, Electro Scan’s pinpoint location accuracy and ability to measure sources of infiltration in Gallons per Minute represents a breakthrough in pipeline condition assessment.

CCTV images that are ‘easy’ to see obvious defects, and ‘difficult’ to see showing the limitation of visual to accurately identify .

In contrast to Acoustic Sensors and CCTV Cameras that cannot locate or quantify leaks in pressurized pipes, Electro Scan technology represents the Solution for Assessing Rising Mains, known in the U.S. as Force Mains.

Electro Scan ruggedized machine-intelligent pipeline assessment probe.

Inability of Acoustic Sensors & CCTV Cameras to Find Leaks to Address Saltwater Infiltration Leads to Follow-On Use of Game-Changing Pipe Assessment Technology

Electro Scan Inc. is delighted to be returning to Ras Al Khaimah Agency to use its innovative technology to locate seawater infiltration.”

— Chuck Hansen, Chairman & CEO, Electro Scan Inc.

ABU DHABI, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES, September 5, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — Electro Scan Inc. announced today that it has been selected to complete an added inspection project for Ras Al Khaimah Wastewater Agency (RAKWA) working with Abu Dhabi-based Applus-Velosi.

This project will assess 900mm to 1500mm diameter Glass Reinforced Pipe (GRP) sewer lines to identify pipes that are not watertight and locations where saltwater infiltration enters the system.

The announcement was also made in London, England at the 13th Annual Global Leakage Summit 2023, that begins today at the Thistle Hotel, Marble Arch where Electro Scan is the TECHNOLOGY FOR STRATEGIC PIPES SPONSOR.

Electro Scan’s patented and patent-pending electrical resistance technology accurately & consistently finds and measures leaks missed by Acoustic Sensors, Closed-Circuit Television Cameras, Electro-Magnetic sensors, Ground Penetrating Radar, LiDAR, and Satellites.

The technology is also the only worldwide solution that can accurately locate lead service lines and lead soldered joints that is toxic when used in drinking water piping.

RAKWA currently manages 330 km (205 miles) of sewer mainlines and 13 lift stations across the Emirate and is responsible for the operation and maintenance activities of four sewage treatment plants that treat 12 million cubic meters of wastewater annually.

Representing one of four agencies of the Public Service Department, RAKWA regulates all wastewater activities throughout the Emirate, including construction and management of wastewater collection and treatment , monitoring the effluent of commercial and industrial activities and regulating private wastewater systems.

RAKWA is also responsible for the reuse of treated wastewater to enhance .

“Electro Scan Inc. is delighted to be returning to Ras Al Khaimah Wastewater Agency to use its innovative technology to locate seawater infiltration,” stated Chuck Hansen, Chairman & CEO, Electro Scan Inc.

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In 2018, Electro Scan Inc. completed a 12km sanitary sewer condition assessment project for RAKWA’, followed by a 2020 rising main (also known as force mains) assessment project surveying pressurized sewer mains.

By comparison it is not uncommon for acoustic sensors to locate 1 per kilometer, while Electro Scan’s Focused Electrode Leak Location () technology assesses each joint for water tightness, including each crack or fissure. Electro Scan is also capable of assessing wall thickness, including the ability to map pipe wall corrosion.

Once again, Electro Scan will be working with Walid Abdelahman, Head of Operation and Maintenance at RAKWA.

Electro Scan (UK) Ltd.. based in London, England, with service facilities in Swindon, UK, will be overseeing the work in RAKWA.

Led by Managing Director, Brad Weston, the wholly-owned UK subsidiary of US-based Electro Scan Inc. has been working with multiple British water companies that are no longer benefiting from visual inspection techniques such as high-resolution closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras.

“Whilst the industry had been relying on visual detection of leaks — a key factor in sewer overflows, backups, and flooding — recent comparisons to Electro Scan’s game-changing technology has found that decisions based on CCTV often result in misapplied CAPEX and OPEX funding that perpetuates flooding issues and risk to homeowners,” stated Brad Weston, MD, Electro Scan (UK) Ltd.

Working with Cappagh Browne, Electro Scan (UK) Ltd. has completed over 100km of Electro Scan testing at British-based Southern Water Services Ltd., Worthing, West Sussex, England.

Southern Water supplies drinking water to roughly 1.1 million properties through its 91 water treatment works and 13,870 kilometres of water mains. Wastewater is treated by the company’s network of 365 wastewater treatment works and 39,594 kilometres of sewers.

Southern Water’s biggest shareholder is the Australian bank Macquarie, which acquired a majority stake in 2021.

To date, Electro Scan (UK) Ltd. has surveyed 102.2km (335,450ft) for Southern Water finding nearly 80,000 leaks; each identified with 1cm location accuracy and estimated liters per second in maximum defect flow.

With many major water curtailing their reliance on visual inspection of underground sewers, Electro Scan Inc. and Cappagh Browne were awarded the 2022 Best Detection, Location, & Testing Award, by the UK Society of Technologies.

According to Paul Purton, SurveyProject Manager, Cappagh Browne, “Electro Scan is currently being deployed in catchments with known infiltration problems. These catchments have been surveyed exhaustively with conventional methods like CCTV, and an alternative approach has been required. With Electro Scans ability to detect leak potential from joints and other defects, it has provided a different perspective on how Southern Water identifies infiltration risk. This has enabled them to better target the sewers most likely to be contributing to the problem and therefore remediate them to alleviate the issues.”

Continued Purton, “In time, this should prevent pumping stations and treatment works from becoming overloaded. As a result, they will return to functioning effectively in dealing with the flows they were designed to handle.

By comparison, US-based Decatur Utilities (Alabama) manages 375 total miles of sanitary sewer mains and completed nearly 300,000ft (91km) of surveys using their own Electro Scan equipment using agency trained staff.

Electro Scan Inc. is a leading international supplier of machine-intelligent pipeline assessment and quality assurance products and services for the water, sewer, and oil & gas markets. The company designs, develops, and markets proprietary equipment and delivers technical field services using its SaaS-based cloud application that automatically locates, measures, and reports leaks. The company also offers products and services that detect buried lead water services typically not found by legacy inspection methods.

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