Efficient Floor Cleaning with Maircle F1 Smart Cordless Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner

Maircle F1 wet-dry vacuum is a game-changer since it creates a new way of cleaning hard floors by integrating suction, mopping, and washing in a single device.

CHICAGO, IL, US, June 6, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — Keeping floors spotless can be a cumbersome task. Is it a new way to make this chore easier? Maircle, a leading manufacturer of innovative home cleaning solutions, has announced the release of the Maircle F1 – a cutting-edge, smart cordless floor vacuum cleaner designed for both wet and dry cleaning. The Maircle F1 features powerful suction, a 3-in-1 vacuum & mop & wash feature, and edge-to-edge cleaning capabilities, providing a new level of cleaning efficiency for households. The Maircle F1 may offer an efficient solution for cleaning challenges in homes with active lifestyles. With its innovative design and advanced features, the Maircle F1 has the potential to transform cleaning routines and make them more effective and convenient.

1. Vacuum, Mop and Wash 3-in-1 for Versatile Cleaning
The Maircle F1 wet and dry vacuum cleaner is made to tackle all types of messes, from dry dirt to liquid spills and sticky stains. It effortlessly cleans up spills and household garbage with its powerful suction. But the Maircle F1 doesn’t stop there – it also doubles as a mop! The floor brush features a 40W brushless high-speed motor that reaches 9,000 revolutions per minute and delivers up to 600 scrubs per minute. This effective action enables your floors to dry rapidly while removing even the most tenacious grime.

2. Edge-to-Edge Cleaning for Impeccable Results
The F1 vacuum mop introduces a cutting-edge cleaning design that ensures comprehensive floor cleaning. The device’s edge-to-edge cleaning mechanism is engineered to clean every inch of the floor, resulting in a spotless surface. One side of the F1 vacuum floor brush reaches the end, making it easy to clean corners and hug walls. The Maircle F1 is equipped to handle hard-to-clean spots, making this task easier and more efficient.

3. Effortless use with self-propulsion system
Maircle F1 wet-dry vacuum is designed with a bi-directional self-propulsion system which makes cleaning even more relaxed. Whether pushing forward or pulling back, Maircle F1 wet-dry vacuum intelligently detects the movement of the rear wheels and ensures cleaning is easier than ever.

4. Water and battery run simultaneously for up to 35 minutes
Maircle F1 wet dry vacuum boasts high-capacity water tanks and a long battery endurance that delivers uninterrupted cleaning power. With its extended cleaning duration, it is ideal for tackling large cleaning tasks efficiently without interruption.

5. Discover more about Maircle F1 Difference
The Maircle F1 vacuum mop offers great hard floor cleaning capabilities in addition to a host of unexpected features, including a mode for removing bacteria, a self-cleaning feature, a colourful LED display, voice prompts, and more. Discover the difference that the Maircle F1 can make in the cleaning routine. The Maircle F1 is available on Amazon and can assist in achieving optimal cleaning results.

About Maircle:
Maircle is a leading manufacturer of home cleaning solutions, specializing in cordless vacuums, vacuum mops, and an array of innovative cleaning tools. With a commitment to “No Suction Fades, Just Powerful Suction Lasts”, Maircle is dedicated to making cleaning easier and more efficient for homeowners and cleaning professionals alike. For more information, please visit https://maircle.com.

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