Dr. Rao of Dr Rao’s Hospital Performs Pioneering Brain Tube Surgery on UK Patient: A Historic First in Guntur and India

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Dr. Mohana Rao’s successful brain tube surgery on Naseema is a landmark achievement in Indian medical history and neurosurgery.


— DR. MOhana Rao Patibandla

GUNTUR, ANDHRA PRADESH, INDIA, May 19, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Dr. Mohana Rao Patibandla of Dr Rao’s Hospital Performs Pioneering Brain Tube Surgery on UK Patient: A Historic First in Guntur and India

Dr. Mohana Rao Patibandla, renowned neurosurgeon and founder of Dr. Rao’s Hospital, has achieved a groundbreaking milestone in Indian medical history by successfully performing a brain tube surgery on a 37-year-old UK patient, Naseema, of African American origin. This procedure, which involved the removal of a deep-seated glioma, is the first of its kind in Guntur and India. The innovative surgery marks a significant advancement in the field of neurosurgery, showcasing the expertise and technological prowess of Dr. Rao and his team.

A Revolutionary Approach to Brain Tumor Surgery
Naseema’s case was particularly challenging due to the location of her glioma deep within the brain. Traditional surgical methods posed significant risks and limited the chances of a successful outcome. However, Dr. Rao and his team employed cutting-edge techniques and advanced technology to overcome these challenges.

The brain tube surgery, also known as brain path surgery, involves several sophisticated procedures:

Neuronavigation: This technology allows for precise navigation within the brain, ensuring that the surgical instruments reach the target area with minimal disruption to surrounding tissues.

Diffusion Tensor Imaging (DTI) and White Matter Tract Imaging: These imaging techniques provide detailed maps of the brain’s white matter tracts, which are crucial for planning the safest path to the tumor.

13 mm 6 Cm Brain Path System: This specialized tool enables the surgeon to access the tumor through a narrow channel, minimizing damage to healthy brain tissue.

Endoscope: A small, flexible tube equipped with a camera, the endoscope provides high-definition visualization of the surgical site.

CUSA (Cavitron Ultrasonic Surgical Aspirator): This device uses ultrasonic vibrations to break up and remove the tumor tissue safely.

Neuromonitoring with Subcortical Neuro Mapping: Continuous monitoring of brain function during surgery helps prevent damage to critical areas responsible for movement, sensation, and speech.

A Historic Achievement
Dr. Rao’s successful removal of Naseema’s 7 cm deep-seated brain tumor is a testament to his skill and dedication. The surgery’s success not only alleviated Naseema’s condition but also set a new benchmark in Indian neurosurgery.
“We are immensely proud of this achievement,” said Dr. Rao. “Performing this complex surgery for the first time in Guntur and India on a foreign patient underscores our commitment to bringing the latest medical advancements to our patients. It is a significant step forward in our mission to transform healthcare in India.”

Increased Responsibility and Commitment
This historic surgery has placed a spotlight on Dr. Rao’s Hospital, enhancing its reputation as a center of excellence in neurosurgery. It also comes with an increased responsibility to continue pushing the boundaries of medical science and providing world-class healthcare services.
“We are aware of the heightened expectations following this success,” Dr. Rao added. “Our responsibility has grown, and we are committed to maintaining the highest standards of patient care and continuing our efforts in medical research and innovation.”

A New Era in Indian Healthcare
Dr. Rao’s pioneering work has opened new possibilities for treating complex neurological conditions in India. By leveraging advanced technology and surgical techniques, patients who once had limited options can now hope for better outcomes and improved quality of life.

Patient’s Perspective
Naseema’s journey to Guntur for her surgery was driven by the reputation of Dr. Rao and his hospital. “I had read about Dr. Rao’s expertise and the advanced facilities at his hospital,” said Naseema. “When I was diagnosed with this deep-seated glioma, I knew I needed the best care possible. The decision to come to India was not easy, but it turned out to be the best one. Dr. Rao and his team gave me a new lease on life.”

About Dr. Rao’s Hospital
Dr. Rao’s Hospital, located in Guntur, Andhra Pradesh, is a state-of-the-art facility specializing in neurology, neurosurgery, and spine surgery. Founded by Dr. Mohana Rao, the hospital is dedicated to providing comprehensive, high-quality medical care using the latest technology and treatment methodologies.

The hospital’s mission is to transform healthcare in India by setting new standards of excellence in patient care, research, and education. Dr. Rao’s Hospital is committed to making advanced medical treatments accessible to all, ensuring that patients receive the best possible care.

Future Directions
Building on this success, Dr. Rao and his team plan to expand their research and training programs. By collaborating with international experts and institutions, they aim to stay at the forefront of medical innovation and continue improving treatment options for patients with complex neurological conditions.

Dr. Mohana Rao’s successful brain tube surgery on Naseema is a landmark achievement in Indian medical history. It highlights the potential of advanced surgical techniques to transform patient outcomes and underscores Dr. Rao’s Hospital’s commitment to excellence and innovation. As Dr. Rao and his team continue to break new ground in neurosurgery, they are poised to lead India into a new era of healthcare excellence.

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