Dr. Patrick Nemechek to Release Beta Version of Nemechek Navigator App

Nemechek Navigator is a new app designed to assist parents in implementing the Nemechek Protocol for Autism and Developmental Disorders

New web app will simplify understanding and guide parents in using The Nemechek Protocol® for their children with autism or other developmental disorders.

OVERLAND PARK, KS, UNITED STATES, November 23, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Nemechek Technologies, LLC is proud to announce that Dr. Patrick Nemechek will soon release a limited, beta version of the Nemechek Navigator app to a preselected list of testers. In its beta release, the primary feature of the app will be a smart wiki/library covering all aspects of The Nemechek Protocol®. This smart repository of text, images, charts, and videos will be accessed with simple keywords or text questions. Answers will support and supplement the information contained in Dr. Nemechek’s latest book, The Nemechek Protocol for Autism and Developmental Disorders, 2nd Edition.

The Nemechek Navigator app will use artificial intelligence to power the accuracy of the information provided. Parents can ask questions about observed symptoms or aspects of The Nemechek Protocol®, receiving carefully curated responses detailing how Dr. Nemechek might treat a child under his care in similar circumstances. The goal is for parents to have a simple and convenient tool to better understand what might be observed during the first few months of implementing The Nemechek Protocol® and, what kind of protocol adjustments might be helpful to initiate or increase the improvement in their child’s symptoms.

Future releases of the Nemechek Navigator app will enable parents to register their young one(s) on the app to assess symptoms as a baseline starting point, establish proper dosages based on a child’s age, and track improvements over time across a range of autism characteristics.

About Patrick M. Nemechek, D.O.

Dr. Nemechek is an expert in inflammation and reversing chronic brain disorders such as autism, ADD, TBI, Alzheimer’s, PTSD, and depression. He received U.S. Patent (# 10,335,396) for the correction of chronic autonomic dysfunction using The Nemechek Protocol® – a therapy that reduces inflammation to restore brain function.

Dr. Nemechek’s method of reversing the symptoms of autism by lowering inflammation in children includes the use of three natural ingredients: inulin fiber, olive oil, and high-DHA fish oil supplements. These inexpensive items are sometimes combined with vagus nerve stimulation to help lower systemic inflammation when progress on the basic protocol is stalled. Lowering inflammation in the brain allows the child’s natural healing potential to resume its repair processes and permitting recovery from months or years of developmental delay.

Dr. Nemechek is recognized worldwide for his expertise in treating the symptoms of autism. There are more than 70 FaceBook, What’s App, WeChat, and Telegram groups around the world dedicated to The Nemechek Protocol®.

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