Data Safeguard – ID-REDACT® Champions Data Privacy Compliance for India’s DPDP Act

ID-REDACT® ensures full compliance with the DPDP Act for Indian citizens.

“We are excited to release our product in India and help enterprises become DPDP Act compliant with our comprehensive Data Privacy solution”, said Sudhir Sahu, Founder and CEO of Data Safeguard.”

— Sudhir Sahu

BENGALURU, KARNATAKA, INDIA, April 22, 2024 / — Data Safeguard India Pvt Ltd, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Data Safeguard Inc., is pleased to announce the launch of ID-REDACT®, a pioneering Data Privacy compliance solution designed to meet the stringent requirements of data privacy compliance regulations. As businesses in India navigate the complexities of the digital economy and the need to meet DPDP Act requirements, ID-REDACT®, a robust business solution ensures DPDP Act automated compliance, reduces manual effort, avoid significant fines and increase bottomline profit.

In today’s increasingly digital landscape, ID-REDACT® ensures full compliance with the India’s DPDP Act, which focuses on protecting the personal data of Indian citizens by establishing trust-based relationships between individuals and entities that process their data. ID-REDACT® excels in adhering to the principles laid out by the Act, including lawfulness, fairness, transparency, and the minimization of data usage.

ID-REDACT® consists of the 7 core tenets of Data Privacy compliance:
 Consent Management Portal (CMP): CMP module dynamically updates and manages consents and preferences in line with DPDP Act regulation. This customizable module ensures that organizations not only adhere to current consent and preference norms, but are also prepared for future modifications.

 Confidential Data Discovery (CDD): CDD module, powered by patent pending CCE® and hand coded AI models detect, identify and confirm confidential data within an organization’s data ecosystem to meet DPDP Act’s data catalog requirement, is customizable to meet future changes. CDD seamlessly integrates with real time, historical and individual data sources, processes unstructured, semi-structered and structured data types at 99.54% hyper-accuracy to meet data compliance requirements.

 Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA): The PIA module conducts automated assessments to ascertain the current state of data privacy compliance, compliance gaps and defines the future roadmap to implement effective data privacy compliance. PIA has incorporated risk assessment algorithms, ensuring that organizations’ practices are always aligned with the latest privacy standards set forth by the DPDP Act.

 Data Subject Access Request (DSAR): DSAR module, powered by an AI rules engine, enables data subjects to exercise their data rights under the DPDP Act through a sophisticated process that adjusts to legislative changes, ensuring ongoing compliance with access, correction, and deletion requests. DSAR supports automated requests as well as more complicated manual use cases.

 Confidential Data Redaction (CDR): CDR module, powered by patent pending CCE®, hand coded AI models and rules engine, customizes redaction techniques to remove confidential data elements to meet DPDP Act’s guidelines. CDR redacts unstructured, semi-structered and structured data elements from real time, historical and individual data sources at 99.54% hyper-accuracy.

 Compliance Audit (CA): CA module automates internal and external data privacy audits, captures and renders key data elements for Consent and Preferences, DSARs, CDD, CDR to reconcile pre and post redaction data points while ensuring adherence to the DPDP Act.

 Data Privacy Management (DPM): DPM module, designed with a compliance engine at the core, meets not only the DPDP Act but also other major global privacy laws like GDPR, HIPAA, PDPA, NESA and CPRA. The module facilitates the integration of privacy compliance into every aspect of an organization, from policy formulation to technological deployment, ensuring an initiative-taking stance on privacy rights protection and legal compliance.

With the implementation of the DPDP Act, it is imperative for companies operating in India to deploy solutions that not only comply with local regulations but also foster trust and ensure the privacy of individual data. Data Safeguard’s ID-REDACT® is at the forefront of this mission, providing businesses with the tools they need to operate responsibly in a digitally driven world.

ID-REDACT® india version has been developed in India with extensive local R&D and is fully compliant with the DPDP Act. We are excited to be the part of the Indian Government’s mission of “Data Privacy” and “Data Protection” compliance and also to Safeguard Enterprises/ Individuals from Financial Losses, Loss of Reputation and Legal Complications, said Pranab Mohanty, Chief Business Officer, Data Safeguard India Pvt Ltd.

About Data Safeguard: Through the application of artificial intelligence and machine learning technology, Data Safeguard offers cutting-edge solutions that adhere to strict international compliance criteria. Dedicated to protecting personal information, Data Safeguard equips enterprises with the solutions to confidently navigate the intricacies of data privacy regulations. The company’s portfolio encompasses Data Privacy solutions (ID-REDACT® and ID-MASK®), and comprehensive Synthetic Fraud prevention solutions (ID-FRAUD and ID-AML).

Data Safeguard has been recognized by CNBC for top 50 disruptors of 2024, Most Fundable Startups in 2023 by Pepperdine University and the Most Innovative Data Privacy & Compliance Solutions Provider 2023 – USA by Wealth & Finance International. Data Safeguard’s flagship data privacy solution, ID-REDACT®, is available for on-premise as well as cloud on various marketplaces (Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform).

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