Data Protection Innovator Sotero Launches Sotero Opaque – the First Trusted Data-Sharing Solution for Complex Data Ecosystems and Sources

Names Nielsen Global CIO Patrick Dineen and Carol Meyers, former CMO of Rapid7, as Advisory Board Members


Data has become the most valuable commodity for modern businesses, with an estimated 60 percent of global GDP to be digitized by 2020 (IDC).The re-use of data across the global economy could help create value worth $3 trillion per year worldwide (McKinsey Global Institute). Yet mistrust in data is at an all-time high (Pew Research) and mounting regulations such as GDPR, CCPA, and new cross-border data protection directives are forcing businesses into a complex reality for data sharing, slowing down the implementation of new business models while keeping data infrastructure costs high. To address these challenges, Sotero announces the general availability of Sotero Opaque, the first trusted data-sharing solution that keeps data protected when shared across sources and ecosystems.

Sotero Opaque extends core security technology to true multi-party use and sharing. With Sotero Opaque, organizations can securely share sensitive data between two or more parties while staying in complete control of data access and visibility, and fully protecting sensitive and personally identifying information (PII). Sotero Opaque includes advanced data matching technology utilizing fuzzy matching algorithms on incomplete data sets.

Building on its strong market momentum and recent funding, Sotero is also announcing the addition of two industry veterans to its board of advisors: Patrick Dineen, Global CIO of Nielsen, and Carol Meyers, former CMO of Rapid7.

“Companies must safeguard their precious proprietary consumer information more than ever, yet opportunities for partnerships and analytics remain compelling. The industry needs better technology standards to keep data safe and private, while unlocking its value,” shares Patrick Dineen. “Sotero is offering the scalable way of keeping data secure, while enabling insights from multiple sources and partners. Sotero can become a standard approach to securely sharing third-party data that satisfies legal, IT, and marketing requirements at the same time.”

Leading cloud and data organizations that have already adopted Sotero Opaque include cloud data warehouse and management companies Yellowbrick Data and Actian, while global business transformation experts Holley Holland are offering Sotero’s data protection to clients in highly regulated industries such as financial services and healthcare.

Sotero Opaque:

  • Keeps data encrypted AND usable across the lifecycle
  • Easily integrates with your existing technology platforms
  • Natively supports most data stores including Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, Hadoop, BigQuery, MongoDB, Redshift, Actian Avalanche, Snowflake, Yellowbrick, Postgres, and MongoDB
  • Scales across cloud and on-prem environments, without degrading performance.

“Sotero’s unique approach keeps data protected throughout its lifecycle without the traditional performance tax, which has plagued other security and data protection solutions,” comments Carol Meyers. “It is incredibly exciting to see Sotero continue on their innovation path, now offering scalable protection solutions for data providers, data exchanges, and data-driven businesses, and addressing the most stringent compliance requirements, including HIPAA, GDPR, PCI-DSS, and more.”

Patrick Dineen, George Corugedo, CTO of Redpoint, and Purandar Das, CEO of Sotero, will be joining Carol Meyers for a virtual Fireside Chat on November 4th at 1 p.m. Eastern time on the topic of “Enabling secure data sharing for the Marketing Industry.” Join them to learn about the most effective approaches to sharing and protecting customer data.

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